Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 25, 2009

The Jury Team, John Smeaton and No Messing


Look at this My Black Cat.  Do you suppose this is what The Oldest Sage Witch’s Highland Granny’s letter is about?

You have no idea!

Neither do I.

Anyway it seems that John Smeaton of the Glasgow Airport bomb fame, is hoping to stand for election in the Westminster by-election in the constituency of Michael Martin, the former Speaker of the House of Commons who was the scapegoat in the expenses scandal.

Followers leaders always need a scapegoat, My Black Cat.  Don’t they?

Who is behind this nomination, My Black Cat?

It’s something to do with a group called “The Jury Team.”

What is The Jury Team, My Black Cat?

“The Jury Team gives the people a way of getting real change”

Ah, Change! Is this the same Change that Gordon Brown mentioned in his support for UpRising?

Is this the Change that Common Purpose and Uncle Tom Cobley et al are talking about?

Or is it a different Change?

You don’t know……

“Jury Team supporters all believe that the current political system leads to misconduct and waste at the heart of Westminster and Whitehall.”

I suppose everyone will tend to agree with that.

“the Jury Team has championed democracy, accountability and transparency.”

Ah, Democracy.

Democracy and Change.

We really must get our heads round the meaning of the word “Democracy.”

I don’t really think this is what the Oldest Sage Witch’s Highand Granny’s letter was about, My Black Cat.  It was written in The Gàidhlig. John Smeaton probably doesn’t speak The Gàidhlig. He speaks Glaswegian. Only a few is Scotland speak The Gàidhlig.

You can speak Glaswegian too, when you take the notion. Can’t you My Black Cat?

“In one of his interviews, when asked what was his message to terrorists, he said:

“Glasgow doesn’t accept this. This is Glasgow; we’ll set aboot ye”.” He is also known for the phrase: “No messing”.

This is wrong!!!!

How is it wrong?

No Weegie ever would say “No messing!”

The real term is “Nae messin’ as in “Nae messin’ aboot!” or as in “Naebody’s messin’ aboot wi me”

All The Weegie Cats in Glasgow will be apoplectic over this corruption of their native dialect.

“No messing” doesn’t ring true.



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  1. I don’t know too much about the Jury Team, but I can tell you that Mev Brown stood for them at the European elections in May there and that does not inspire me with confidence. Mev Brown is a serial candidate; he has stood for several different parties and when I was running in the 07 Scottish elections his ‘party’ NHS First, put up a candidate against me, despite the fact I was running as a health independent. They also ran a candidate in Airdrie which looked to be going to the SNP and took about 800 votes. Labour won by 1000 votes and there were 1000 spoiled papers. He disappeared just as quickly as he had appeared and so did NHS First. My guess would be that Jury Team is a spoiler party to soak up discontent for the main parties and stop smaller ones doing well, like the Greens. I’ll look into them.

  2. So really the intention might be not to win a seat but to have a similar effect as a spoiled ballot paper. That’s an interesting possibility, Julie.

    I have had a feeling of unease about the Jury Team. I wonder how many voters in the Glasgow NE constituency know it is the brainchild of a former conservative grandee, Sir Paul Judge and if they knew that how much it would influence the way they voted.

    No doubt My Black Cat is looking for intertwinglements at this very moment.

  3. […] The Jury Team think that, in John Smeaton, they had a candidate, a celebrity who might tap into that […]

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