Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 29, 2009

WD Apology (36) – A tangled tail


What’s wrong with you, My Black Cat?

You tail has become all tangled up with The Intertwinglements relating to Common Purpose?

Is it painful?

Yes? And until you get it unraveled, you can’t chase rats?

This is very serious, My Black Cat.

What you will need to do is tackle one little tangle at a time. Where do you suppose is the best place to start?

You think The Jury Team might be matted deep into the depths of a tangle but you can’t find the end so you can’t unravel it.

Well, if you can’t find the end of the tangle it may not be important.  Leave The Jury Team alone just now. Are there any other tangles with the end showing?



Never heard of Power2010, My Black Cat.

It’s very new. It appeared on the scene just a few days ago.

“POWER2010 is a unique campaign to give everyone the chance to have a say in how our democracy works for us.

What is different about POWER2010 is that you’re in the driving seat. We’re not asking you to back our goals. We’re asking you to help create them.”

Ah.  That word.  Democracy. We in the witching community are all wondering about that word.  Aren’t we, My Black Cat?  We are having great difficulty fathoming out the meaning. We are suspicious over the way it is being flaunted by certain groups nowadays. It might even be some kind of double take.

What else do you know about Power2010?

They are enraged over the scandal of MP’s expenses. They talk about “broken politics” and how the next parliament needs to be reformed.

It sounds as if they are saying much the same things as The Jury Team, My Black Cat?

What else are they saying?

They say they are seeking out “The Wisdom of the Crowd.” Well, they don’t say that in as many words but that is effectively what they are doing.

A kind of Citizens’ Jury……

I don’t suppose what they are doing is relevant to what we were trying to explain in our last post, My Black Cat?

Or are they data-mining?

“We need you to tell us your ideas – the democratic and political reforms you most want from the next Parliament – through our website, by attending one of the public meetings we will be supporting, or by writing to us at the address above.

You have until midnight on Thursday 5th November. It might be cleaner funding, better privacy protection, a fairer voting system, or giving local people the right to ‘sack’ disgraced MPs – you decide.

All the ideas submitted will then be considered by a panel of citizens selected from across the UK who will decide the list of proposals to be put to the public vote.”


Hey!!!! The Witching Hour of the 5th of November?

The Witching Hour of Guy Fawkes night, for goodness sake!!!

Gunpowder, treason and plot!

Someone in Power2010 has their tongue in their cheek, My Black Cat!

Notice the cleverness of their logo.

POWER 2010 – The letters WE in POWER as in shocking pink. The letters POR in a pewter colour merging into the background.

Clever that!

Same sense of humour as The Media Standards Trust’s involvement with “The Orwell Prize.”

Same sense of humour as Sir Paul Judge’s “Judge and Jury” of The Jury Team!

We have read so much when we study Intertwinglements, that we can pick up the language/dialect/jargon/vocabulary/style – call it what you will – a mile away.

It’s all great fun!


Are there any other tangles that have ends to them that you can unfankle from your tail?


You think Ofsted and Power 2010 are tangled up with Common Purpose Intertwinglements.

Well, My Black Cat, it may be that is what you think, but remember The Witch Doctor will only accept Grade 1A and 1B criteria as evidence of an Intertwinglement, so you better check it out properly once your tail is free and painless again.

Gunpowder, treason and plot indeed!!!

Whatever next!





Back sometime……..

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  1. I think they’re picking our brains; either that or it’s agent provocateur, but I think it’s brain picking. The government’s trying to take the electoral temperature, to find out what issues matter most. Newspapers do this kind of thing as well. The Sun got lots of publicity today for ditching Labour and backing the Tories but in the Scottish edition they didn’t back the Tories, cos the tussle up here is between the SNP and Labour and it’s not at all certain who is going to win. So the Sun is hedging its bets and going neutral.

  2. This could be as you say in the run up to the next election.

    It seems to me several groups are hell bent in rubbing our noses in the concept of “broken government” involving the institution of government itself. This is unusual since statements like this would normally be party political.

    I’m not really sure what’s going on. At the moment I wonder if we are being “primed” to accept “The Change” whatever that turns out to be. My views vary from day to day though.

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