Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 1, 2009

WD Apology (37) – Democracy solved!


My Black Cat and I have been confounded for some time about the meaning of Democracy.

This came to a head the other day when we became extremely perplexed over the ridiculous assumption that all human beings MUST be viewed as  Child Abusers until the Thought Leaders gave the nod of clearance to individuals they deemed to be safe.

How would they know!

We wondered if Democracy meant total state control and loss of all individual freedom and judgement. This was because we assumed we live in a Democracy.


Dr No has cleared up this matter nicely for us. Democracy is rare. We don’t live in one. We live in an oligarchy, which, like a democracy, is a deviant form of government.

We live in a Pretend Democracy.

This makes life much easier to understand!

That’s one of our many problems solved, My Black Cat.


My Black Cat is grateful to Dr No for this information because it seems to justify the way we always vote. Regardless of which political party is in power, we cast the Anti-Hubris Vote at the polling booth and if necessary we back it up with the Anti-Hubris Spell as well.

Belt and braces, My Black Cat.

So thank you, Dr No. We will now ignore the word “democracy” when we see it, and be very suspicious when any group repeatedly labours that word because we will know they are spinning like a top in order to confuse.

Instead we will talk about “Freedom.”

Do you suppose we will now have to set to work defining “Freedom,” My Black Cat?

Incidentally, my clever cat has traced a significant Intertwinglement between Common Purpose and Ofsted. We are glad that this government department will be reviewing the warning given to the two policewomen regarding their childcare arrangements.


Zenna Atkins is the Chair of Ofsted. Presumably she will have views on this matter. She is a leader. Her name appears both in Julia Middleton’s book “Leading Beyond Authority” and on the Common Purpose website. The Intertwinglement therefore satisfies both Grade A1 and A2 criteria.

Here are some more of Zenna Atkins’ views in The Guardian:


“The civil service, she added was ‘overpopulated with highly intelligent people who can’t do simple, menial tasks, simply or menially’. It was also full of fiercely risk-averse people ‘because no civil servant ever got fired for doing nothing. They get fired for doing something.’

Atkins made the comments while discussing a report on leadership from Common Purpose, an organisation that offers training for leaders and managers. “

Back sometime……..

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