Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 2, 2009

Suicide, Choice and Creep


There is a powerful conversation going on just now in Dr Grumble’s blog.

Every patient should read it.

Every doctor should read it too and make up their minds about where they stand on this, regardless of the law.

They should also ask themselves the question:

“What are doctors for?”


Perhaps every doctor who agrees that they would have allowed this young woman to die should pin a large conspicuous red label to their white coat. Those doctors, who would have done everything within their power to try to save the life of the patient regardless of their own skin, should wear a large conspicuous green label.

Similarly, any doctor in the USA who is prepared to offer his/her services in the execution of prisoners could wear a similar red label. Those who would not participate could wear a green label.

In fact, the more I think about it, the wearing of these labels should become compulsory for all doctors worldwide.

Those compulsory labels should be large enough so that those with failing eyesight do not have to find their specs. They will probably need to be of different shapes so that those who have red/green colour-blindness can understand the message. Perhaps the red one should take the form of a cross and the green one a tick.


These labels would tell patients much about the inner sanctum of their doctor’s being.

These labels would allow patients to distinguish those doctors who CREEP from those who don’t.

These labels would offer patients A CHOICE wherever they travel in the world.

After all, patients are forever being told they want CHOICE.

So CHOICE must be what they want.

These labels will tell much more about a doctor than REVALIDATION ever will.

Or, for that matter too, it will tell them much more than patient feedback sites such as Iwantgreatcare ever can.



Patient CHOICE.

I suspect the red labelled doctors would have a quiet life and wither on the vine.

But nowadays, who knows……

P.S. I have this on my bookshelf.



Michael H Kater

It is as yet unread, because I fear the account it gives will worry me and make me very, very angry with my own profession.

Perhaps tonight is the night that I’ll open it for the first time.

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