Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 12, 2009

The Hemlock Society


The Hemlock Society is no longer in existence.

It has been renamed. This is probably just as well because “The Hemlock Society” seems to conjure up thoughts of a tragic yet romantic nature.

There is nothing romantic about suicide.

It is probably no coincidence, nevertheless, that there is a strong link with Oregon.


Oregon, I understand, is where Derek Humphry now lives.

Derek Humphry, an American journalist born in the UK founded the Hemlock Society in 1980 in a garage in Santa Monica, California. He was perhaps strongly influenced by his own personal tragedy. This right-to-die movement fought for “voluntary euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide to be made legal for terminally and hopelessly ill adults.” This work continues.

It is of interest though, that in 2006, Derek Humphry said the following:

“For the 25 years that I have been campaigning for the right to choose to die, and get help with it, I have kept my arguments confined to the terminally ill and the hopelessly ill competent adult. People are always asking me why don’t I include the mentally ill in the struggle.”

He gave nine reasons for this.

This was his 9th reason:

“I gently tell such troubled people that I don’t think anybody is going to help them to die — it’s just too much to ask — and if they are still determined to leave this world they must handle it themselves. Some do, most don’t so far as I can tell, at least, not until later on.”

It is just too much to ask…….

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