Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 13, 2009

Creeping “Choice”


The Witch Doctor remembers reading some time ago that an insurance company in the USA had sent out letters to cancer patients telling them that a particular expensive palliative chemotherapy prescribed for them by medical staff would not be funded. However, in the same letter they gave them the good news – they would, however, be happy to fund a prescription for assisted suicide.

Apparently this benevolence caused a bit of a stir in the USA and the company concerned back-peddled and said it was a clumsy administrative error.



Apparently it was such a clumsy error that the establishment concerned will no longer put this in writing.  Instead, someone will phone the patient and discuss the options with them.

We would agree a positive, sympathetic voice is always less clumsy than factual, chilling text at times of great anxiety.

Wouldn’t we, My Black Cat?

The right kind of voice, at the right time, can be very reassuring and persuasive.

And comforting.

Can’t it, My Black Cat?



The Witch Doctor couldn’t find where she first read about this information that had found its way into the depths of her brain. However, last Saturday, by magic, a second diet of the information fluttered from cyberspace on to her computer screen.

This time it was from a different source.

So, now she has read about it twice. Therefore, this serious matter might well be true and therefore requires equally serious consideration.

The epicentre of these events was that corner of the world where Qalys were born.


It seems it that those from Oregan Health Plan (OHP) wrote to patients with the bad news followed by the ultimate, dignified, but irreversible good news.

Some years before, Oregon voters approved a new act. They say some voters thought they were voting for compassionate care and better pain control towards the end of their lives. They say some thought they were voting for the right of self-determination in the sense that their opinion would always be sought before embarking on rigorous treatment in an attempt to prolong a life that was ending.


It seems reasonable to vote for Choice.

It is understandable that, if asked, most of The Human Kind will vote for Choice.

Just as, if asked, they would vote for Liberty.

After all, this act had a name that gave great comfort.

It was called the “DEATH WITH DIGNITY ACT”

The beginning of Creep always seems reasonable and rational and right.

That is why only witches notice the beginning of Creep.

That is why witches in the UK are right now questioning the meaning of the word “Choice.”

Just as they are questioning the meaning of the word “Change”

Just as they are questioning the meaning of the word “Leadership”

Just as they are questioning the meaning of the word “Democracy.”

Change, Choice, Leadership, Democracy

They are all words that are reasonable and rational and right.

Eh, My Black Cat?

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