Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 17, 2009

Death With Dignity Acts


The Euthanasia Society of America was founded way back in 1938. The theme of full blown euthanasia was too radical to be accepted and instead the accent was placed on the concept of informed consent and a patient’s right to refuse unwanted treatment. Although renamed “The Right to Die Movement” it is likely that euthanasia remains the ultimate aim and is being achieved by gradual social engineering over many decades.

Somewhere The Witch Doctor came across the view recently that The Death with Dignity Act allowed physicians in Oregon to administer a lethal injection. This is not the case. The patient is responsible for the self administration of lethal doses of oral drugs which have been prescribed by a physician and dispensed by a pharmacist.

The safeguards relating to The Death with Dignity Acts in both Oregon and Washington are outlined below.

Notice Section 16.

1. The patient must be a competent adult (age 18 or over).

2. The patient must be a resident of the state of Oregon or Washington.

3. The patient must be capable of self-administration (only the patient can take the medication him or herself).

4. The patient must be terminally ill, defined as someone with an incurable illness who is expected to die within six-months or less.

5. A second physician must confirm the terminal diagnosis.

6. If either physician suspects the request for aid in dying is motivated by depression or coercion, a third examination by a psychologist or psychiatrist is required.

7. Only the patient himself or herself can initiate the request.

8. The patient must make two oral requests for the medication, separated by a minimum 15-day waiting period.

9. The patient must make a third written request witnessed by two people who know the patient and who can testify, if necessary, that the request was an informed and rational once.

10. Witnesses cannot stand to gain financially from the patient’s death.

11. Prior to writing the prescription, the physician must confirm that the patient is both still competent and capable of self administration.

12. The physician is required by law to counsel the patient on alternatives to a hastened death, including hospice, palliative care and pain management.

13. The physician must recommend, but not require, that the patient inform his or her family of the decision to hasten death.

14. No insurance policy or contract can be made invalid if a patient uses the law to hasten death.

15. The patient can change his or her mind at any time.

16. Any physician, pharmacist or medical facility opposed to aid in dying does not have to participate.

17. If a death occurs under the law the physician is immune from any civil or criminal liability.

In the UK, as a result of the “allowed” suicide in Norwich, there is now a precedent set that may result in doctors in the UK having no choice LEGALLY but to ALLOW suicide to occur in the context of this recent interpretation of the MCA. ie by doing nothing, they are participating in that death and therefore have no option but to opt in or abandon their patient in an emergency situation. ie unlike in Oregon and Washington, they cannot opt out.

Although the circumstances are different by a hairsbreadth, it could be argued that the UK has now moved further down the euthanasia road compared to Oregon and Washington.

Unlike the USA, if the recent precedent in the UK is now accepted, the wings both of doctors and the institutions they work in have been well and truly clipped.

Enter The Will of the State.

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