Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 17, 2009

WD Apology (39) – What’s wrong with the Dutch?


One of The Witch Children stayed and worked in Holland for a while, so The Witch Doctor had the opportunity to visit this country from time to time, not so much to see the sites but to absorb the way of life there in a small town. She liked the place and the people. And the flowers.  She supposed in time she would have missed the mountains, hills and glens. Or maybe, being an adaptable witch she would have grown used to the flatness. She was intrigued how almost everyone in The Netherlands has a symbiosis with their bicycles in much the same way as we witches have with our broomsticks.

They seemed a tall nation and since all witches have big feet, The Witch Doctor quickly spread the news to the witching community that this little Dutch town is a place where witches could find shoes that fit.

There were very few fat people in this little town. Presumably this was related to their daily cycling habit.


There was something about the Dutch personality that The Witch Doctor liked but she didn’t know quite how to describe it. They seemed polite and friendly but not gushing or demanding. They were a sensible lot who would not be intrusive or stick their noses into other peoples’ business but nevertheless be helpful if the need arose.

We witches like that.

The Witch Doctor also recollects that this is one of the few countries of the world where MRSA is not a problem due to the good common sense of the Health Service there when this irksome little organism first appeared on the scene.

With all of this in mind, The Witch Doctor was recently a bit surprised to read this on a Common Purpose Website. (Category A2 information)

“In the Netherlands, where there is little or no tradition of citizenship, Common Purpose has a difficult job: to engage individuals from all parts of the community, and inspire them to transform society.”

Els Swaab, Amsterdam Municipal Theatre; Dutch National Bank

In what way exactly would Common Purpose want to transform the society of this country.  And why?

Why does Common Purpose, which started off as a small a UK charity, feel it is required there?  Do the Dutch people feel a need in their country for CP’s charitable acts ?  Did they ask them to come? What are these charitable acts costing the Dutch people and do they see a gain?

Would someone from The Netherlands please inform The Witch Doctor if her judgment is becoming impaired and whether The Dutch need themselves transformed using the Common Purpose leadership agenda?

After all, the Common Purpose Folk say they are having a difficult job there with you all. You don’t seem to be conforming to their matrix.

Would it not be fairer to them if you just told them to go home?

Or something?

Back sometime……..

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  1. The Dutch seem to do alright already with most things and, as you say, were certainly way ahead of us when it came to controlling MRSA.

    So why is Common Purpose so intent on this meddling? What has Common Purpose got to offer the Dutch that they could possibly want? And more to the point what has Common Purpose got to offer any of the rest of us that we could possibly want? What is this transformation of society that Common Purpose wants to foist upon us? Does anybody out there know? It’s a mystery to Dr Grumble. But then Dr Grumble is not one of the elite. Perhaps your Black Cat knows.

    • My Black Cat is very much wrapped up with her intertwinglements at the moment. She says she wants me to give her a book on something called Marxism for her Hallowe’en present this year. She seems to think this will help her with the unravelling. I hope she knows what she’s doing. It worries me she might get lost deep inside a big ball of tangled intertwinglements and never be seen again.

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