Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 20, 2009

Bad boys?


Is silliness politically incorrect?

Why do you want to know, My Black Cat?

You are worried about Dr Grumble and Dr No?


They have been caught up with a couple of silly girls.

Don’t worry, My Black Cat, they are both mature, streetwise male versions of The Human Kind. They will have had lots of experience of silly girls. Lots and lots.  They will be able to handle anything that the fairer sex throws at them, for sure.

They can cope with any female.

Don’t worry about them.


But they are calling them “silly girls.”

Uh Huh?

You think they might get themselves carted off to  The Tower or something for using politically incorrect terminology.

No they won’t, My Black Cat. Don’t be stupid! The country is not quite at that stage yet.


Once people start to get locked up for being paternalistic, then they will have to worry about calling people silly.

But no, the country is not quite there yet.

They are not being politically incorrect.


And anyway, even if they were, we witches quite like people who are politically incorrect. We find many of them are particularly un-gushing, freethinking, independent, challenging individuals who don’t creep. We find also that they are often the caring ones.

Not the ones who go around with clip-boards “releasing time to care”

I mean the ones who care but they don’t talk about caring when they care, so the silly folks who have a need to listen to “nice” caring self-indulgent drivel can’t work out they are being cared for and who is doing the caring.

And there are plenty of silly folks wandering about amongst The Humankind.

OK. That’s “silly girls” dealt with.  Now you want to know if the term “bad boys” is politically correct or not.

Go away, My Black Cat.

You’re doing this old witch’s head in.

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