Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 26, 2009

D’oh! Double-D’oh! And a Byzantine plot!


It seems the British Medical Association had a Homer Simpson moment a few years ago.

Round about the same time The Royal College of General Practitioners had a double dose of Homer Simpson moments.


What about?



The following was written after an event that happened a few years ago ie the annual meeting of the British Medical Association:

“June 30 was a Homer Simpson moment for the British Medical Association. At the end of its annual representative meeting, delegates voted to withdraw the BMA’s firm and long-standing opposition to euthanasia and assisted suicide. This leaves the world’s most prestigious gathering of medical professionals in the absurd position of having no opinion on whether killing their patients is good or bad. Doh!

Admittedly, this is an advance on the double-Doh position of the Royal College of General Practitioners. At the moment this august body has a policy of total ignorance: it doesn’t support euthanasia; it doesn’t condemn euthanasia; and it is not neutral.

MA for moral agnostic is not a qualification that most people want on their doctor’s brass plaque. If their teenaged son wants steroids so that he can have a body like Arnold Schwarzegger, they expect their GP to say No. If their teenaged daughter has anorexia nervosa, they expect their GP not to tell her that it is a lifestyle choice. And if the aged parent is depressed and wants to die, they expect cheery advice and a pat on the hand, not a needle.”

In view of the Kerry Wooltorton suicide case and the subsequent myriad of convoluted ideas emerging regarding the right to live and the right to die, it might be worth revisiting what happened at that meeting of the BMA in June 2005.

“Neutrality on euthanasia is so daft a policy for doctors that only two things can account for it: monumental stupidity on the part of the profession or a Byzantine plot to legalise it. Perhaps fortunately for the health of the nation, the latter is the case. Here is what happened in June 2005”


The D’oh! moment proved to be a wake-up call for some members of the medical profession. But for others, they missed the moment, and the significance of the whole incident passed them by as they busied themselves in their respective mundane daily doctoring tasks.

My Black Cat’s advice to all medical practitioners is to resign from one committee that you sleep through and use all that valuable time to keep at least one eye open for D’oh! moments.

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  1. Not sure, but I think the vote was reversed at the next meeting of the BMA in 2006, to opposition of euthanasia. However, I think the Royal College of Nursing has taken a neutral position . Will check up on it.

  2. Yes Julie, the medics did reverse it a year later. What happened at the 2005 meeting registered with them quite quickly afterwards. I’ll try to follow this up in subsequent posts if I can find all the documentation.

  3. […] “The Mob” simply refers to those who agree or disagree with what is put before them without paying attention. Or even worse… they go with the flow without agreeing or disagreeing with anything. They are the automatons of The Human Kind. They are the Homer Simpson D’oh folks of the world. […]

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