Posted by: Witch Doctor | November 1, 2009

The Witch Doctor offends the BMJ!


Well, My Black Cat, the time has come for The Great All Hallows’ Witching Party.

We have to report that it is now The Witching Hour and the moderators and philosophers have not accepted our offering on the BMJ Blog. As promised, we will now reveal to all of cyberspace the deeply profound things that The Witch Doctor said that offended so much.

The comment referred to the opening paragraph of a post by John Coggon. He wrote:

“If I asked a physiologist to show me where her conscience is, I’m fairly sure she’d not be able to.”

As it happens, The Witch Doctor agrees totally with this utterance.

Consequently, it seemed appropriate to expand the theme.

So The Witch Doctor said:

“If I’d asked William Shakespeare to show me where his genius was, I’m fairly sure he’d not have been able to.”

If I’d asked Joseph Mallord William Turner to show me where his genius was, I’m fairly sure he’d not have been able to.”

If I’d asked Ludwig van Beethoven to show me where………….

Etc. etc. etc.”

Was that offensive?

That was the very first comment they received.

And if you’ll forgive me for saying so, very erudite for a witch it was too!

A conversation stopper maybe….

Anyway, it was consigned to the trash can!

Just like that!


No matter, soon after, another blogger crash-landed into the BMJ corner of blogosphere.

Nothing meek and mild about this blogger!

Bet they wish now they’d stuck with The Witch Doctor!

Eh, My Black Cat?

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  1. One can only assume that Coggon took offence at your pointing out that quite a lot of high level cerebral activities that cannot be located are actually quite important. It follows that the fact that a physiologist cannot locate her conscience does not make ones conscience unimportant. Which rather destroyed the main thrust of Coggon’s argument which seems to be that doctors should not be permitted to follow their consciences though I was not really sure what he was trying to say.

    It worries me that someone who sits on the BMA ethics committee is so dismissive of doctors’ consciences. And it worries me even more that he did not accept your comment.

    I would cast a spell on him, WD.

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