Posted by: Witch Doctor | November 6, 2009

“The Good Death”



The colourful language used by the Dr Rants of the world may disgust some people.

We witches are not disgusted by it even although we ourselves choose to express ourselves in a different way.

Where is Dr Rant anyway, My Black Cat?

There are some words that disgust us though.

A “healthy” husband and wife recently committed suicide together because they wanted a “good death.”

We are disgusted by the words “Good Death”

All witches loathe this term.

It is like a sick joke.

No.  It’s worse than a sick joke.  It is sinister. It is intrusive.


Believe this witch, who is well qualified to talk about death – there is no such thing as a “Good Death.” It is just that some deaths are less bad, less painful and less sad than others.

“Good Death” is a hygienic term for the unthinkable. It is a play upon words. Worse still, it is play upon ideas. It is a formula for the future. It is a seed that is being sown that will de-stablise the thought processes of many troubled, elderly and dependent people. Particularly the naval-gazers, the ones who think too much about themselves, those who focus on their fears rather than enjoying what they have and getting on with life.

It is a term that will add confusion to muddled minds.

It is a term that will encourage the selfish folk.

It is a term used that will encourage the organised, tidy folk of the world who plan every life event.

Even death.

You should also believe this witch when she talks about planning your life, and death. The witch doctor has lived by the philosophy of only doing a minimal amount of planning, but a maximum amount of adapting to circumstance.

“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley……”

For The Witch doctor, like Rabbie Burns, knows that there is always a wicked uncle chuckling in the background when you make your plans.

She has a lot of experience of foiled plans, death and  “Chuckling Wicked Uncles.”

Incidentally, we witches also loathe the other sanitizing words “Ethnic Cleansing” We consider it to be one of the most offensive terms in the English language. It is, however, used by television commentators and newsreaders without them batting an eyelid.

Perhaps they will stop using it now.

“Good Death”

“Ethnic Cleansing”

They are both subliminal intrusions of the mind.

These terms and the “hygienic” ideas behind them disgust us.

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  1. The great thing about this, from the organised, tidy minded people’s point of view, is that nobody survives to correct their assertions about whether any given death is “good” or not. Even better than “birth plans” then – you might get more than one go at those.

  2. Too True, Colacube.

    You have stimulated me into thinking what might have been my ideal “birth plan” if such things existed way back then. It wouldn’t be remotely like anything on offer nowadays. I even might get round to doing a post on it some day.

  3. […] And if so, Why? Is it really so that we can all have “A Good Death.” […]

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