Posted by: Witch Doctor | November 11, 2009

Mangling democracy!


So, My Black Cat, you’re at it again trying to scare the wits out of every one with your conspiracy theories.

You are getting very excited because it is reaching mainstream newspapers!

What is?

Democracy is being put through a mangle.

It is being flattened into something beyond all recognition.

What have you found now?

A columnist in The Telegraph.

I thought it was a blogger.

That was yesterday.

Is this somebody different?



“So the trap has snapped shut. It was somehow apt that the politician who finally let the EU get the constitution it has craved so long should have been President Vaclav Klaus, the veteran anti-Communist who predicted, just before the Czech Republic joined the EU in 2004, that it would mean the end of his country as “an independent sovereign state”. And what a delightful irony that Pravda, of all newspapers, greeted the news last week with the headline: “Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the EU is now a reincarnation of the Soviet Union”.

A blogger. A columnist. Different people. Same newspaper.

The columnist article has 201 comments?

You want me to read all the comments too?

OK, I might read it all.

When I get round to it…….

But we witches don’t really understand all this stuff about the European Union, My Black Cat.

And for that matter, you understand it even less!

In fact, probably nobody understands it.

And that is bad.

Very bad.

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  1. Aristotelean democracy, as I noted in Sham Dem, is about majority rule in the interests of the majority (as opposed to a polity in which the majority rule in the interests of all the people).

    When only a fraction of the electorate turn out to vote, it may be a majority of those who vote that wins the day, but they are a minority of all the people – and so, whatever we have, it is not a democracy.

    That said, I heard an interesting remark on the radio the other day – a politician (can’t remember which one) defining democracy as a form of government where you can change who rules by vote. That’s it. Nothing about what the elected rulers do while they are in power…

    Dr No

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