Posted by: Witch Doctor | November 13, 2009

Judge, Jury and a victory for Gordon Brown?


My Black Cat and I have been interested in The Judge and his Jury Team for some time now.

The Witch Doctor does not know why she is interested. She just is.

My Black Cat, on the other hand, says she is interested because she smells a rat!

Now, you should never take My Black Cat’s rats too seriously, nevertheless you should not put them on the back burner of your mind either.

Yesterday there was a by-election in Scotland due to the vacation of the seat by Michael Martin, the former speaker of the House of Commons.

A high proportion of the residents of Glasgow North East carry the “ma faither and grandfaither a’ voted Labour” gene in their DNA, and so when Labour won the seat as it has done for 74 years, it was no surprise. Willie Bain, the successful candidate exclaimed:

“This is a resounding victory for Gordon Brown and for Labour”


Wrong, Mr Bain. Don’t get too excited. The turnout was 32.97% a record low for a Scottish by-election. Since many of the 67.03% who didn’t vote will also carry historical Labour gene, they may well have decided it is time for a mutation, and yet they couldn’t quite yet stomach the idea of voting for another party. And who was there to vote for anyway?

You could say 67.03% of the population have voted with their feet.

Did The Jury Team think that, in John Smeaton, they had a candidate, a celebrity who might tap into that 67.03%.

Russell Grant, television presenter and astrologer supported him.

“When I spoke to John, he was everything I wanted from a politician. He is a good man. His enthusiasm, energy and passion for Glasgow North East shone through. He’s certainly someone I would vote for if I could.”

So did Martin Bell, former television war correspondent who entered Westminster in 1997 after standing as an independent against Neil Hamilton.

“I believe that a victory by John Smeaton will strike a blow for honest politics that will be heard throughout the country.”

It was no victory.

John Smeaton collected a meagre 258 votes.

Sir Paul Judge, you got this wrong. Glasgow folk may seem gullible to you, but they are not swayed by world celebrity status even if he is one on their own.

It is not a good idea to experiment with Glaswegians.

You probably don’t understand them.

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  1. John Smeaton was not helped by the fact that Mev Brown also decided to run as a candidate. I’m not sure what’s happened there; I suspect Mev got bumped in favour of John and he took his revenge. Only got 32 votes though. That’s his friends, family and granny I think…

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