Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 5, 2010

Twelfth Night


Well, I suppose that’s us back, My Black Cat.

The noughties (what a weird name) was a horrible, horrible, horrible decade for witches and black cats. It was horrible right till the bitter end. No doubt for many others too in many different ways.

My Black Cat and I couldn’t wait to see it end.

We moped around in the Parallel Universe over Christmas and New Year. However, we felt it our duty to cast an eye on what was happening on Mother Earth. It wasn’t too inviting. An aeroplane was nearly blown to smithereens over a large town in the USA and the Chinese executed a man who may have had a serious psychiatric illness but apparently was not asssessed. There was the bittersweet happiness of a hostage returning home alive – the bitter part being the others who were murdered. Murders in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran………

It goes on and on and on……….

We watched documentaries about Hitler’s suicide, about Magda Goebbels who murdered her own children because of The Dark Creep enveloping her mind.

We remembered the Russian Children of Beslan. We listened to what the surviving children had to say. Many of them seemed to speak so much more sense than the leaders of today.

We considered how it seems a son of Nigeria had crept into a state of mind that turned him into a terrorist. We watched the atrocities that befell children of the same country who were proclaimed to be Witch Children of Nigeria. In the former, The Creep had become attached like a limpet on to Islam, in the latter to Christianity.

My Black Cat and I considered changing the name of this blog when we contemplated these children. Then we decided to remain as we were and instead use our name to draw attention to their plight throughout the year.

We considered Israel and Palestine. Our approach to this is very simple. We wonder why the devil these so called intelligent adults can’t live and let live. Some will say it is not as simple as that. We think it is.

We thought about some views that were being imposed by those who had no religion at all.

We pondered much, much more about The Humankind.

My Black Cat and I decided that we were on the right track. The fundamental problem is not cruelty, badness, terrorism, atrocities, religion or the lack of it.

It is Creep.

The Humankind should pay much more attention to the fact that they are so susceptible to an insidious Creep that has the capability of transforming perception and personality so dangerously.

The Humankind should not shudder in disbelief and then try to ignore the past and present atrocities that are the awful consequences of End Stage Creep.

They should face them.

And never forget.

Unless this Creep is acknowledged, the decades to come will just be more of the same.

Yes, My Black Cat, this is the year we will continue to think about Creep.

And we will continue to play our little Game of Intertwinglements.

Just in case some of these connections turn out to be important.

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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  1. Good to see you back, WD!

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