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Well? Did you spot the Intertwingement?


Did you?

Of course they didn’t, My Black Cat.

The Humankind don’t have a clue what is going on round about them. We’ll need to take them by the hand. Anyway, it’s only a little Intertwinglement that may be of no importance at all.

On the other hand……

You will recollect that My Black Cat has been rabbiting on now for months about Common Purpose. She thinks it is a great big conspiracy. The Witch Doctor does not believe in conspiracies. She believes in Creep. She also believes that sometimes Creep can be orchestrated to achieve an end. That end may be a good, bad or a terrible muddle. Creep may also result in a revolution by stealth.

I suppose some people might think when Creep is orchestrated then it is a Conspiracy.

That is a matter of opinion.

To The Witch Doctor, Common Purpose seems to be an unusual organisation. But then any leadership organisation seems a bit odd to any witch and Common Purpose may turn out to be just another fashionable leadership training outfit.

Incidentally, My Black Cat tells me that one of her favourite Common Purpose consipiracy sites called CP Exposed has been taken down after a complaint by Common Purpose that they were in breach of copyright.  She thinks this reinforces all the conspiracy theories. I told her not to be stupid cat and that everyone, not only Common Purpose was getting twitched by The Freedom of the World Wide Web and sooner or later laws would be passed in an attempt to curtail that freedom.

It is not Common Purpose itself that intrigues The Witch Doctor as much as where The Intertwinglements have taken her. She feels they have taken her from MMC/MTAS via Common Purpose to the very heart of government. In fact, they have pointed her straight to former Prime Minister Tony Blair and his advisors and a new political ideology which they have embraced known as The Third Way. This seems to have a strong overlap or is identical to the ideology of Communitarianism.

So where is The Intertwinglement that was hidden in this post?

Firstly, consider a recent article by Dr Clive Peedell in “Hospital Doctor.”

Dr Peedell is a consultant clinical oncologist and he has made a few observations about King’s Fund, its strategy, and its Board of Trustees.

He names the trustees and says a bit about their backgrounds. It makes interesting reading.


“In view of the above membership of this board, it must be hard for the think-tank to be as objectively independent on government health policy as it claims to be. This is only reinforced by the appointment of Professor Chris Ham, another former DoH advisor as its new CEO.

In addition, a number of Senior Associates and Expert Group members of the King’s Fund have also had key roles in developing the very government policies, which the King’s Fund is independently critiquing (for example, Mark Britnell, Paul Corrigan and Anna Dixon).

It’s time to recognise that the King’s Fund has a significant proportion of former DoH advisors, and people with commercial interests that could benefit from pro-market NHS reforms, helping to guide its work.”

You will also find Dr Peedell in conversation here:


Notice that King’s Fund has a new CEO.

I’ll bet you’ve already forgotten who the last one was!

The Witch Doctor hasn’t.

He was Niall Dickson.

Where did he go?

He is now CEO of The General Medical Council.

They still haven’t found The Intertwinglement, have they, My Black Cat?

They will need to do a Google search.

They need do a Google search for The Third Way.

Then they will likely find Niall Dickson’s name at the very top of page 1 of the Google search.

In another life, Niall Dickson was Social Affairs Editor for the BBC.

In 1999 he asks and attempts to answer the question:


By 2004 he was CEO of Kings Fund and was considered expert enough on The Third Way to give talks about it.

Here is a 2004 press release from Dundee University.

“The Third Way

Photo opportunity 5.45pm, Saturday 6 March, Tower Building, University of Dundee.

Tony Blair’s “Third Way” for public services is the same as previous Conservative government policy according to Niall Dickson, CEO of The Kings Fund and former BBC social affairs editor who will air these views on Saturday evening (6 March) at the University of Dundee.

Niall Dickson’s lecture, “The Third Way – Where now?” will analyse this ideology, how it came about as a political ideology and what it means today in the University’s Saturday evening lecture series. Niall will discuss how Labour has used its Third Way ideology to transform the delivery and provision of health services in the UK, but that, in essence, many of these policies are not too different from the previous Conservative administration’s approach to public services.

During a BBC career that spanned 15 years Niall was afforded a ringside seat as an observer and analyst of government policy. Now the poacher has turned gamekeeper as head of the influential health policy group The King’s Fund. He will offer a unique perspective on the political direction of the UK.”

If you have been reading this blog carefully as I know many of you haven’t, you will know that The Witch Doctor considers Goeff Mulgan to be A Very Influential Person. He is also closely intertwingled with The Third Way.

If you can be bothered clicking here is some background.



Here is a talk Goeff Mulgan gave at the 2008 King’s Fund annual conference.


For those of you who can’t be bothered clicking, Goeff Mulgan was (a) Director of Policy at 10 Downing Street under Tony Blair, (b) Director of The Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit (formerly known as the Performance and Innovation Unit) (c) Chief adviser to Gordon Brown in the early 1990’s (d) Co-founder and Director of the Think Tank Demos (as was Julia Middleton who founded the charity Common Purpose).

Goeff Mulgan is also Director of a charity known as Young Foundation.

On the same link you can here an audio of Niall Dickson at the same conference sharing the same stage.


So here are two men, who appear to be experts in Third Way (Communitarianism) ideology in key positions within health care in the UK.

Indeed one of these Third Way experts now is now CEO of the organisation which controls the whole of the medical profession in the UK. (The General Medical Council)

Yes, controls.

Consider how the orchestrated Creep that began with the detailed “voluntary” documentation of Continuing Professional Development, followed by the “voluntary” Appraisal system, then the gradual creep to “compulsion” of these systems moving towards Compulsory Revalidation resulting in what will essentially be government control of all members of the medical profession on a very detailed individual basis.

It is time the UK medical profession looked past MMC/MTAS, The Skills Escalator, polyclinics, NHS Privatisation, Revalidation, and instead viewed them all in the light of the new political ideology that embraces all of these. We witches are of the opinion that all these recent movements within the UK health care system needed to be put in place before the ideology of The Third Way could progress.

It is time the medical profession learned about The Third Way political ideology and considered what might be good, bad or ugly about it and, if any ugliness at all is found, consider whether it might creep.

Only when you do this will you become aware how far The Creep has travelled within medicine and that healthcare is an extremely important aspect of The Third Way.

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  1. I have clicked, I did bother to click. I read the anti Common Purpose site, it recommended an explanation of communitarianism on a blog by a woman in a yurt in Alaska, who had links to explanations of ‘antizionist’ campaigners – favourable to them. I am now scared to click any more links. Honestly I am. Don’t wish to sound rude but do you yourself click everything & see where it leads?

  2. Colacube, My Black Cat clicks on everything, then I have to sift through it all to try to sort out the wheat from the chaff. This can sometimes be difficult. Concrete evidence for any claims is what I look for and how groups link together. One of the problems I think, is that The Third Way and communitarianism don’t yet seem to be clearly defined and so are wide open to various interpretations. One of my aims is to raise awareness of this change that has been going on within the political system so that people can work things out for themselves and form their own opinions.



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