Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 7, 2010

Potty Plot?


Why are your whiskers twitching, My Black Cat?

You say a previous Secretary of State for Health is plotting to bring down Gordon Brown?

Don’t be ridiculous, My Black Cat. Only a double agent deeply embedded in New Labour working on behalf of the Tory party would be daft wily enough to try to unseat the Prime Minister four months or so before an election. Gordon Brown is safe at least till the next election. Furthermore he seems to have ditched the silly image-makers in the wings and has assumed his own, dour, gravitas approach. He’s not smiling much and that is the way it should be. He comes across much better like that. There is nothing to smile about. The citizens of the UK are frozen stiff and worried sick about their jobs, their homes, their future and their heating arrangements. They are weary of spin and are now able to recognise it a mile away. This decade may well see the demise of The Spinning Politician and their costly entourages of advisors.

It is true…..

There IS a plot?

Who is the previous Health Secretary you say is plotting, My Black Cat?

Patricia Hewitt.


I don’t believe it.

Don’t be ridiculous. She is a very busy lady. As well has running her constituency, she advises Boots the Chemist, and Cinven – an organisation that they say is one of the biggest buy-out groups in the world? Patrica Hewitt won’t have time to hatch a plot.

Jeff Goon is helping her.

Never heard of him, My Black Cat…..

Your conspiracy theories are becoming more and more bizarre, My Black Cat. Why do you not make a New Year resolution to ditch them all and go out and catch many rats instead.

If you really want to find out what Patricia Hewitt is up to, you should have attended the Common Purpose Matrix Course in Leicestershire on 23 April 2009. If you had done so, you would have heard about the nature of power. You would have learned how you harness your own power. Furthermore, this knowledge would have enabled you to decide whether or not you had the power to Lead Beyond Authority. Patricia Hewitt was one of the speakers at this course and told her story about her very own power and leadership. You would have enjoyed that course, My Black Cat.

Incidentally, My Black Cat, did you notice this is another little Intertwinglement between Common Purpose and the NHS to add to your collection.

You wonder if Patricia Hewitt and Jeff Goon, by trying to unseat the PM, are practising Leading Beyond Authority, My Black Cat?

Well, if what you say is true, then maybe they are.

Maybe they are.

Just a “Leading Beyond Authority” practice run.

But I still think you must be talking gibberish.

If Patricia Hewitt and Jeff Goon were hatching a plot like this then it would be in all the newspapers.

It is?

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