Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 9, 2010

Mr Blair’s Third Way in action


Who is this with The Blackboard, My Black Cat?

A Statistician.

You are wondering how much money Tony Blair has accrued since he retired?

His pension, you mean?


His earnings.

It’s none of your business, My Black Cat. Why do you want to know?

Since Mr Blair is considered to be at the forefront of the new Third Way political ideology, it will give us some kind of clue about what The Third Way or its cousin Communitarianism is all about.

That is a very good idea. In that case, these are very worthwhile calculations to make.

You wonder if The Third Way is about accruing large amounts of money for former key government figures?

I wouldn’t think so, My Black Cat. You need to remember the background of Mr Blair.


Labour party.

Left wing.

I understand these people believe in equality for all, not greedy accumulation for the few.

I expect if Mr Blair accumulates any un-necessary earnings, he will ensure that his own family has basic warmth, shelter, food and clothing so that they are not a burden to society, and then he will see to it that the remainder of his earnings goes to those citizens who are less fortunate than himself.

As will his wife Cherie.

Why don’t you use this post to add information that you find about Mr Blair’s earnings and to whom he donates this money. We can float the post to the top during the witching hour every time you add something interesting.

Here is some information to get you started.




By the way, My Black Cat, what the devil is an infinity swimming pool?

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  1. Louis Vitton, eh? At least he can get the missus some nice handbags.

    Infinity swimming pool is where a pool is constructed to look as though it is stretching out to the horizon and you cannot see the edge. It’s usually on an elevation of some kind to produce the effect. Yep, good old Wiki can make anyone sound like a genius..;)

    All this stuff reminds me of the first chapter of NHS PLC, where Allyson Pollock talks of the ‘revolving door’ between members of government and consultancies. Worth a read if you can stand the nightmares

    • Belated Happy New Year to you too Julie.
      Yes, The infinity Swimming Pool was a new one to me too, although the handbags were vaguely familiar!
      Allyson Pollock grasped what was going on very early. I’ve not read her book yet but heard her speak some time ago. It was quite an eyeopener to me then.

  2. Came across this and thought you might like a look, WD. The Third Way in action – or not. Bob Holman is a very cuddly professor who chose to settle in Easterhouse, because he believed that the only way to understand peoples’ social problems was to live among them and experience what it was like. This way you could come up with practical solutions to problems instead of imposing them from the top down. The guy’s a saint..

  3. Thanks for highlighting this Julie.

    When I cast an eye over your link I felt I was reading something vaguely familiar but had no real recollection of the content.

    Have now discovered the association. I came across another article by the same author about a year ago. It was also in Variant, (which I had not heard of then) – the same edition as your article in fact. It is the one at the top of the page in the link below called “The Tainted World”

    All of this is interesting. I’ll need to have a good look at all this again because a year ago I had no knowledge of what “The Third Way” was about or the key people involved. Perhaps it will be more meaningful now.

  4. Julie,

    Have just noticed – if you download the PDF on “The Tainted World” from the link on the comment above, you will see on the last page a little insert of the old “Common Purpose” logo that we mentioned on another post.

    That also had passed me by the first time I read this article.

  5. Very, very interesting WD. In my previous life I was a musician- I still am and the vagaries of the Scottish Arts Council were something to behold. If any small body went to them for funding, like the music school that I taught at, they would hand you a print out of places other than the SAC that you could get funding! They had their pets – Scottish Opera was one and I note that Magnus Linklater who was editor of the Scotsman and (I think) chair of the SAC at one point, is mentioned here. One of their most infamous moments was when they insisted that Scottish Ballet sack its entire board if it was to receive its funding from the SAC. Now, that might have been justified if the company were doing badly, but they were packing them in for performances. There was obviously some kind of power struggle going on.
    But you always got the feeling that SAC was a closed shop and that you needed to ‘know people’ to get money off it.

    The Prospect magazine that they mention here; I wonder if that’s the architectural mag that runs an annual competition called the ‘Carbuncle Awards’. This is for the worst new building and the worst town in Scotland. It spins round like an unexploded grenade round the old steel towns of Lanarkshire, who really can’t help how they look; my own town Coatbridge won it and Airdrie, which is just next door.

    Ruth Wishart who’s mentioned, used to write for the Herald (Glasgow Herald as it was known). She’s a good writer; she’s left leaning and quite acerbic. I don’t think she’s written anything for them for a while, I think she’s moved on.

    I’ll have a good read at that article again and see if I spot anything else in it. There’s quite a newspaper connection going on here, with players from both big broadsheets in Scotland involved. Magnus Linklater does have some claim to fame; his father was Eric Linklater who is a famous Scottish writer, but that doesn’t qualify you to run an Arts Council. I also reflected on how crap the BBC’s Hogmany show was again this year and what gets me about it is that there are any number of bands over in Glasgow for the Celtic Connections festival who could play the socks off the people that they keep wheeling out, but again there seems to be a closed shop. Anyway, I will go away and meditate on this article.

  6. Here’s a link for Bob Holman

    He used to write for the Herald ‘Society’ mag that came out on a Tuesday. I see he’s migrated to the Guardian. There is something interesting going on there; they have now acquired Bob Holman, Allyson Pollock and Dr Crippen. They’re taking a very different policy direction from other broadsheets..

  7. Julie,

    Just following up William Clark author of the two Variant articles. He is now a “Public Interest Fellow and PhD student” at Strathclyde University. The PhD project is interesting!

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