Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 10, 2010

Synapses, Links and Creep


You are looking very pensive, My Black Cat.

What are you thinking about?


What would The Internet be like without links?

The Internet wouldn’t really exist without links, My Black Cat. The World Web is like a huge organism – an organism with a brain and trillions of cells that can talk to each other. The cells of our brains and nervous system communicate with each other through synapses and other cells in our body talk to each other through chemicals and receptors. Without all this paraphernalia we would cease to exist as an organism or being.

Links, My Black Cat are the synapses, receptors and chemicals of The World Wide Web. Without links, each blog post or snippet of information on websites would exist in isolation and not be of much use to anyone.

For example, over at Bad Medicine, Dr No is blogging just now about our favourite subject – Creep.

Look how easy it is to link there.


And immediately you find that this post in Bad Medicine is a veritable little catalogue of links to situations that have crept up on us over the last few years.

It even explains how “creep” can be either a verb or a noun.

Come to think of it “change” is a similar kind of word.

On the run up to the election we are going to hear a lot about “change” the noun.

You must always be slightly wary of “change” the noun, My Black Cat.  Sometimes it can be good, sometimes bad and sometimes it means nothing very much at all.

And sometimes “Change” the noun, becomes “Creep” the noun.

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