Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 15, 2010

Leadership and bottled water


I can fully understand the huge logistical problems associated with getting aid to Haiti.

However, having watched the tragedy unfold since the first breaking news of the earthquake, and the difficulty in communication along with limited access by sea, air and land, it struck The Witch Doctor that there was one obvious, immediate, and essential operation to initiate while troops and aid agencies were getting workers and equipment together.

This operation? To continually parachute down vast amounts of bottled water.

This surely could have been initiated within 12 hours.

Water first, then later, food.

The Witch Doctor then concluded that she must be particularly stupid since there must be very good reasons why this was not being done.

The only reason she could think of, however, was fear of riots if an organised system of distribution on the ground was not first put in place.

Someone from the Pentagon tonight confirmed that rioting was the fear.

Yes, it might be messy.

But surely it would be no messier than it is at the moment.

On the other hand, it might not be messy at all.

The Witch Doctor has considerable faith in the human race when they face awful peacetime tragedy such as this. She believes that in these circumstances local, resourceful, and probably unexpected natural leaders will be emerging within the Haiti population.

And she believes these leaders, out of necessity and compassion, would have seen to it that bottled water from the air would have been put to good use.

There needs to be more faith in spontaneous untrained leadership at times like this.

Thirst, hunger and delays cause riots.

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  1. As usual spot on Witch Doctor, after watching the riots on the TV (sorry human failing) your idea would probably help to calm things down.

  2. […] of the opinion that Haitians who were thirsty and hungry and whose homes had been demolished, were not to be trusted to organise the distribution of an air-drop of bottles of water among themselves because it was unlikely many had been on a leadership […]

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