Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 28, 2010

Steve Jobs, are you listening?


The Witch Doctor has had a love affair with Apple Macs since the beginning of time.

Her first one looked like this but was an earlier model.

Will she buy an iPad?

Oh, probably.

But she will wait till it fulfils certain conditions.

She needs to be able to highlight text and write comments in the margin. No doubt it has this capability already.

But she will also need to be able download volumes of all the major medical reference textbooks that she normally buys, especially those in her own specialty, as well as the medical journals she subscribes to.

Only then she will she have a need for it and lug it around everywhere.

We witches see the iPad as a wonderful educational thing that could revolutionalise teaching and learning in schools, colleges, universities and everywhere else but we are not sure that those at Apple see it this way.

The critics certainly don’t seem to see it this way either.

Hope you are paying attention when a witch speaks to you, Mr Jobs, and you are already negotiating furiously with the medical publishers.

Your new contraption is a beautiful but very serious thing and if you get it into the educational market right now this old witch thinks it will change the future.

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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  1. It does look lovely, but I think the screen would get messy very quickly. Not the thing to use when you’ve just eaten a jammy piece…

  2. You’re right. What a thought.

    Maybe a see through tablecloth might be a marketable thing and give Apple’s profits a double whammy!

  3. […] But she always knew she would be the first witch in the UK to buy one. Although she tried to kid herself she would wait a while. […]

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