Posted by: Witch Doctor | February 6, 2010

Clever witches and dumb cats

Well, My Black Cat, I hope you appreciate that you are here purring away in a corner of The Spell Pantry because The Witch Doctor has a high IQ.

Indeed it is good to know it is now established scientifically the witches have high IQ’s.


Hmm. It seems to be more to do with absent owners and cat flaps rather than intelligence, My Black Cat.

But everyone will remember the “intelligence” bit and forget the rest.

That’s how crazy ideas are born.

Incidentally, My Black Cat, Angus Dei seems to have a particularly thick cat that can’t negotiate a cat flap

No high cat IQ there then!

Or maybe there is.


  1. She knows that her human pet will do all her bidding with just a meow- food, dirtbox, play, go out, come in, lap time and brush time.

    So who is the intellectually inferiour species?

    Thanks for the mention Witchdoctor:)

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