Posted by: Witch Doctor | February 10, 2010

Glory be! Gambling now!


Do you suppose we’ll get a phone call from Sophie at the surgery to ask whether The Witch Doctor goes to the bookies, does the football pools, the dogs, the horses, the lottery, the casinos, internet poker?

Or does she have a flutter on the stock market?

They’ll have a tick-box for each, My Black Cat.

What do you suppose The Witch Doctor will tell Sophie?

When she phones, and says, “I’m from the practice. It’s nothing to worry about”


“The Royal College of GPs has told BBC Radio 5 live there is an “enormous issue” with doctors not realising their patients may have gambling problems.

The vice-chair of the college, Dr Clare Gerada, says she thinks they miss “the vast majority of individuals with problems… and, in particular, when patients present with debt problems, no-one would ask ‘do you have scratch cards, do you bet on the horses on a regular basis?'”

Dr Gerada says it is important that GPs do more to recognise the problem and try to intervene.”

And yet they want to cut the consultation time allocated to each patient.

Do they not know that getting round to asking a patient about their gambling habit takes time.

Do they not know such a question may be offensive.

Do they not know these sensitive questions are part of the art of medicine and should never be relegated to a protocol as it would have to be if appointment time was rationed.

It’ll be chocolate next……..

Now that would be REALLY offensive, My Black Cat.

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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