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Revalidation creep – Barkis is willing!


Do you recollect, My Black Cat that in 2005, post Shipman, the GMC indicated it was willing to hold a central database, holding information about every doctor working in the UK?

Dame Janet Smith recommended the following information should be stored:

Records of disciplinary action by employers

Information held by the GMC and Criminal Records Bureau

Adverse findings by the Healthcare Commission or the Healthcare Ombudsman.

As always, there was a member of the medical profession ready and willing to “do his duty”

“GMC President, Sir Graeme Catto, said, “We already have a database of every registered doctor in the UK and we have the capability to build on that. We need to clarify some issues but in principle we want to take this forward.”

“At the 25 January meeting, Council also agreed to continue the GMC’s work on sharing information about doctors. This involves updating the information that is accessible via the website to include details of conditions and undertakings on a doctor’s registration. The GMC is also working towards placing historical information that has previously been in the public domain on the website in a user-friendly and accessible way.”

Fast forward 5 years to 2010:


Enter 21C

What or who is 21C?

They are NHS business intelligence specialists.

Do we need Business Intelligence Specialists in the NHS?

Of course we do!

They are needed to access intelligence on individual doctors, stupid cat!

Not their intelligence as in “brain power.”

Intelligence as in MI5.

And to keep “ahead of the curve”

And to help “The responsible officer”

It seems all little letters of complaint or commendation will be held on the doctor’s intelligence database for ever, and will influence the outcome of revalidation.

“Liz Heath, Business Manager to Medical Director of NHS Nottinghamshire County, said: “The biggest benefit is that we will have one place to confidentially store and access our intelligence on individual doctors. This allows the Responsible Officer to easily make a recommendation to the GMC on whether the GP should be revalidated. It is our responsibility to check for early warning signs and ensure doctors and patients remain fully protected as well as operate efficiently as an organisation. By being the first PCT to adopt 21C’s solution, we hope to be ahead of the curve in terms of preparedness and continue to offer the highest level of patient care.”

It will also help Dr Doug Black.

Who is Dr Doug Black?

The Medical Director of course!

He will probably be willing to metamorphose into “The Responsible Officer” when required.

And un-metamorphose back into The Friendly Medical Director when required .

And responsible officers need data, don’t they?

And they need it to be electronic data in real time, don’t they?

Of course they do….

And Dr Doug Black is just doing his duty.

Isn’t he?

“Doug Black, Medical Director at NHS Nottinghamshire County, commented: “It is highly important to oversee each doctor’s portfolio of evidence in an open and transparent way. The appraisal process for GPs is rigorous and aims to quality assure GPs under revalidation. It is my duty to examine the doctor’s overall development and competence so that I can make a recommendation to the General Medical Council on a GP’s fitness to continue practising. Undoubtedly, this process will become much easier with the benefits offered by 21C’s solution.”

And if the 21C is rolled out across the country, how much profit is it making for this private company?

And how many other companies are making money out of the ridiculous 360 degree appraisal?

That’s up to patients to ask, My Black Cat.

Where does the money come form?

Patients, My Black Cat. Patients. Through taxation.

So once more money is being diverted out of healthcare into business in the name of “Revalidation” – a cunning, time consuming and expensive method of exerting control on the medical profession – a method that has never been proven to be beneficial either to patient care or to the medical profession in any way.

Yes, My Black Cat. And money can only be diverted into these activities if “Barkis” doctors are always willing.

And it is helped along too by patients who are always duped into allowing governments to divert money into business projects far removed from hands-on health-care.

You have got to ask why, My Black Cat.

Just ask why!

And they wonder why The Witch Doctor potters about in our Spell Pantry and Tussie-Mussie Garden in preference to interacting with the gullible, creeping Human Kind who are always willing!



N.B. The above website has a huge amount of information relevant to all of the medical profession among its pages as well as this current post.

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