Posted by: Witch Doctor | February 13, 2010

Toxic love


Over at Bad Medicine Dr No is challenging the motives of Frances Inglis who attempted to murder, and later succeeded in murdering her brain-damaged son Tom in his hospital room. She was found guilty of murder and given a life sentence.

He has something to say about “love”

“The trouble with love is that it can cover a multitude of sins.”

Dr No then unearths several aspects of the case that give him a feeling of disquiet. He lists them in his post.

It makes interesting reading.

This mother is now going to appeal on the basis of “slow burn provocation”

Dr No has something to say about that too:

“Were such an appeal to succeed, we will – make no mistake – find ourselves in a chilling new world, where ‘mercy killing’ will extend beyond merciful release for the stricken patient, to merciful release for the grieving family, provoked to kill by the enduring torment of seeing their suffering relative.”

Since The Witch Doctor is an observer of all varieties of Creep in all walks of life, she wonders if the three recent, extraordinary but very different deaths of Tom Inglis, Lynn Gilderdale, and Kerry Woolterton, might have had the bizarre effect of swaying pubic opinion in favour of assisted suicide / doctor assisted suicide / euthanasia. If it has, this particular creep has been driven by emotion rather than rational thought processes and the emotional response underlying it may be misplaced. Dr No’s post might address this imbalance. This is important because public opinion that could eventually lead to the legalisation of killing should not be based on an inappropriate response based on a peculiar variant of perceived “love” which might be “toxic love” or in the case of the medical profession “toxic caring.”

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