Posted by: Witch Doctor | February 14, 2010

Calling the Archbishop!


Archbishop Vincent Nichols, are you out there?

This is simple message from A Black Cat.

Since you are concerned about compassion in the NHS perhaps you will listen to a witch’s cat to help you understand why compassion appears to be diminished at times or even absent.

Compassion is alive but it is not well. It is being strangled.

Perhaps you can help stop it being throttled completely.

Do you read the medical blogosphere?


Well, you should.

A good place to start is “Militant Medical Nurse”

However, before you do, a warning!

She swears like a trooper.

She has what is called “A Swear Blog”

Don’t worry about that. In the blogosphere swearing is not a sin. Swear blogging is not intended to be offensive, it is designed to make you to listen. Bloggers all have their own little eccentric ways to get people like you to read the important things that those of us at the coal-face are trying to tell you. After all, we don’t have our own PR departments to do the job for us. We have to improvise.

Just regard Nurse Anne’s swearing as a form of improvisation.

As you read on carefully you will gradually realise that her posts are driven by deep compassion.

Why else would she spend so much of her free time telling you how it really is in the wards?

I suppose Sunday is a busy day for you.

Maybe tonight as you relax with a cup of cocoa you can sit by the fireside with your laptop on your knee and spend an hour or so with Nurse Anne.


And understand that those managers who are not hands-on in the NHS are abusing nurses and consequently patients because they will not use The Abacus.

The reasons for this are complex and political.

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  1. Have blogged on it here..

  2. Julie,

    I have ordered the book you mentioned in the link above.

    Amazon has a ‘taster’ of it on their website. On the back page it says:

    “By telling my seemingly private, insignificant story I am writing real history, perhaps even the history of the future.”

    That alone makes it a book that has to be read.

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