Posted by: Witch Doctor | February 17, 2010

Scots wa hae!

The Oldest Sage Witch will don her Long Flowing Kilt. Not the usual kind of kilt. Her kilt made of the purest silk and pleated at the back. It is a very long kilt that comes right down to the ankles as befits a witch of her age. She will wear A Silken Plaid pinned to her shoulder to flow behind her in the night air as she flies on her broomstick during the witching hour.

The broomstick will take her home to the land of her fathers.

She will wear purple heather in her hair and carry a tussie-mussie of jaggy, jaggy, thistles.

It is time once more to wear The Tartan.

The Oldest Sage Witch will go home again to Scotland and gather her Clan together.

They are listening to the call of the mountains and the glens.

Aye. They will never take away our freedom!

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  1. We will welcome the Oldest Sage Witch with the bagpipes, a quaich of our finest whisky and a feast of haggis, neeps and tatties.


    Sorry, couldn’t help that, just came out..

  2. Sounds as if The Oldest Sage Witch is going to be so well fed and watered when she crash lands in Scotland that she’ll be staggering around in a stupor!

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