Posted by: Witch Doctor | February 19, 2010

Killing: Re-enter chilling Patsy!


“Patricia Hewitt wants the right to kill herself.”

Dr Crippen has something to say about that.

So has Mr Eugenides (although you have to scroll down to find his comment and it is so brief and wonderfully to the point you will likely miss it.)

During her stint as Secretary of State for Health, a thunderbolt seems to have struck Patricia Hewitt. She seems to have undergone a conversion of some kind. Not a religious conversion – she is a self-confessed atheist. Nevertheless she became “troubled” when contemplating not only her own mortality, but also the death of others she encountered as she circulated among the sick doing her government duties in the Department of Health.

Presumably she was filled with “compassion” for them.


“To hear her say that “people want more choice, more control and a greater chance of dignity” in their death is reminiscent of her Blairite mantra about patients when she was Health Secretary. “Yes, the public want more choice and control in their lives, that was a cause I championed.”

Now she wants them to have more “Choice” over their deaths.

So, the “Choice” word is undergoing The Creep into something much more chilling.

As we knew it would, My Black Cat.

It is worth pondering how much “Choice” patients really get in their health-care.

“Choice” is a smokescreen in the context of health.

Will “Choice” also be a smokescreen in the context of death?

Are things getting sinister, My Black Cat?

Just keep an eye on what is going on regarding “end of life care.”

Will you, My Black Cat?

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  1. ‘She seems to have undergo a conversion of some kind,’

    Not a bit of it. She’s just trying to keep her public profile high for the blood letting after the General Election and she’s spotted a good bandwagon to jump on. This issue is guaranteed to be high profile for the next few months at least, because of Margo McDonald’s bill in Scotland. I might even vote for Gordon Brown just to keep her out..

  2. […] Maker against Gordon Brown, Former Health Secretary, Consultant to Boots, Consultant to Cinven, Patron of Dignity in Dying, and Common Purpose Intertwingler, got herself stung when investigating yet another Honeypot. This […]


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