Posted by: Witch Doctor | February 20, 2010

Patsy is DEADLY serious


Patricia Hewitt’s decision to kill herself is not just a little whim because she is worried about the pain and lack of dignity that might accompany her own demise.

She is not just putting in her tuppence-worth on this matter.

Oh no!

This is her second Big Campaign of 2010!

The first was an attempt to oust Gordon Brown a couple of months before a general election!

How crazy is that?

My Black Cat and I thought she must be one of David Cameron’s little helpers. After all, Patsy started off as a conservative.

No, Patsy is serious.

Very serious.

“Two years since leaving her Cabinet post, she has mounted her first big campaign: to get a legal right for people to assist their own death.”

There seems to be an incremental plan.

“The first step in her campaign is an amendment to the Coroners and Justice Bill, which would protect those who take loved ones abroad to die. It may be debated in the House of Commons next week”

She is determined.

“What Ms Hewitt really wants — and is determined will come “sooner rather than later” — is a Private Member’s Bill that would make assisted dying legal in Britain. To many this comes as a surprise. It was not a cause that she supported as Health Secretary and, given Gordon Brown’s opposition to such a law, it is not a stand expected of such a loyal politician.”

It is being likened to her enthusiastic campaigns over abortion in the 1970’s

“But for her, it comes full circle to her successful campaigns on abortion law in the 1970s. With our ageing population, more people want similar control over their bodies and their lives. This, 40 years on from the Abortion Act, is a “right to choose” movement of our times.”

“To go by her record on abortion, her new cause has an effective champion. “I do believe a change in the law will come. I will do my best to make sure it is sooner rather than later.”

Foetal abortion and euthanasia of a human being after birth are not similar.

They should not be considered together.

We now have abortion on demand.

The euthanasia of a healthy foetus on demand is wholly performed for the convenience of others – usually the mother. The foetus is not considered to be mentally competent and has no say whatsoever in the matter.

Abortion on demand does not follow the advance directive of the foetus.

It is not assisted suicide.

Interestingly, Terry Pratchett also referred to the “success” of the Abortion Law as one of his justifications in support of assisted suicide / euthanasia.

Those who make that comparison are demonstrating a mindset that has moved on from voluntary euthanasia towards involuntary euthanasia.

For the convenience of others.

They will deny it, of course.

But The Creep has already started.

In the mind.

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  1. Oh my heavens!, the creep is definitely here!

    We have the insane situation of those who are dying, as through old age, as it is their time to die; their extremities cyanosed, agonal breathing, being assaulted after death with CPR, as we must all strive officiously to keep alive.

    We then have KW who placed a note on her chest as an Advancve Directive?, stating that she would not accept interventions. She was allowed to die.

    Come Thursday, who will knows what will be acceptable? From the Interim Policy, it would appear that the floodgates will be opened. Yes, some will want to die, for the sweet release of the pain of life. But, I fear, that most will agree to death for the convenience of others.

    You are correct re abortion. It, apart from an outcome of rape, is a lifestyle choice. Don’t want it as it would mess up my present life. That said, ultrasound of the foetus in an effort to detect abnormalities is almost a medical directive. It is common practice and is an opt out, moreso than an opt in. The state does not want those with abnormalities born. They are a drain on resources.

    Anyway, I want to live forever. I am not afraid of death, but do not want it to happen in my lifetime!

  2. Don’t be surprised if oor Patsy throws her hat into the ring for the leadership of the Labour party post election, and uses this as her main policy plank (although it will be understood, rather than stated.) Her only redeeming feature is that she is not a Scot, so unlike Gordon Brown, I don’t have to take responsibility for her..

  3. It seems Patsy says she is going to take her leave to spend more time with her family. In politics though, who knows what that means….


  5. […] on leadership, and many other things besides such as feminism, woman’s rights, and of, course abortion and euthanasia, had a lot to do with advocating ‘CHOICE’ for mothers to have home births […]

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