Posted by: Witch Doctor | February 24, 2010

Snowdrops and serious things


The Medical Blogoshere is twitching.

Jobbing Doctor is on the warpath about The Creep involving patients’ medical records.

Dr No has a vision of the future and is trying his best to recruit more doctors.

Dr Crippen is reporting on musical chairs, apologies and fiasco regarding MTAS’s little cousin, BARTS MTAS FIASCO 2010.

All of this is a very unhappy state of affairs.

Depressing and demoralising really.

If The Witch Doctor were to start all over again she would not study medicine. She would choose a career where it would be impossible for The Creep of State Control to seep into her brain and drain her energy, intelligence and enthusiasm until she became nothing but an obedient zombie.

She would do something creative.

Just like W. Shakespeare, J.M.W Turner, R. Burns perhaps.

They would have had the last laugh when it came to Appraisal, Revalidation, Tick Boxes, and Control Freaks.

You think I am aiming too high, My Black Cat?

Well perhaps The Witch Doctor could have become a gardener instead. Just like Gertrude Jekyll?

This is because a big exciting box arrived through the post today. It contained no less than 23 different varieties of snowdrops in the green (the best way to plant snowdrops), ready to go into her tussie-mussie garden so it looks good in late winter. Each variety will have its name handwritten on a slate label beside it. The collection will multiply over the years until all the varieties merge into a beautiful winter carpet. No Appraisal, no Revalidation, no facile CPD records will be necessary, because no-body will care about these snowdrops. Anyway, there are probably only a handful of people in the land who know enough about snowdrops to be a Snowdrop Appraiser.

The problem is the ground is frozen solid.

The best laid plans…….

While The Witch Doctor is contemplating her new family of snowdrops and a life very different from a medical one, the NHS National Leadership Council has launched:


A Blue Bottle Spell if ever there was one!

Some day, My Black Cat, we will collate all the NHS Blue Bottle Spells and cost each and every one.

Come to think of it, My Black Cat, if there are only a few who know about snowdrops, then there is no-none in the land who knows how to heal sick fairies – apart from The Witch Doctor.

It is therefore The Witch Doctor’s choice whether she allows herself to be revalidated or not.

That is the nature of The Law of Supply and Demand, My Black Cat.

Sometime The Witch Doctor might tell you what it was like when there was a dire shortage of GP’s in inner cities.

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