Posted by: Witch Doctor | February 25, 2010

Assisted suicide – measuring compassion


A long time ago, when The Witch Doctor was a teenage witch rather than a doctor witch, she used to baby-sit for a couple in the neighbourhood.

They were highly regarded in the neighbourhood.

She thought she knew this married couple very well. She admired them greatly. Indeed she thought they had the perfect loving marriage, perfect children, perfect appearance, perfect house and garden, perfect social lives etc etc. They were both very perfect people and the Teenage Witch who was not yet a doctor, and was not at all perfect, liked them lot.

One afternoon she had to pop into the house to collect something she had left behind.

What a shock!

This perfect wife who was by now quite a close friend of the teenage witch was in tears, and the house was in a bit of a state. The children were at school and the husband at work.

The Teenage Witch had walked in unannounced and encountered reality.

The perfect wife from the perfect marriage sobbingly spilled the beans about the reality of her life. It was far from perfect. Indeed it was very ugly. The Teenage Witch heard of things so unimaginable to her that her eyes became bigger and bigger. She didn’t know what to say, so shocked was she. She just went into the kitchen, washed up the dirty dishes, looked for some chocolate biscuits and made a cup of tea for both of them.

That day, the Teenage Witch learned that marriages and any other relationships are not always what they seem to be and that you can never tell what goes on behind closed doors.

On the other hand she later was to learn that some relationships that appear dysfunctional to the outside world might, in fact, be very good, strong, loving and compassionate.

Things are not always what they seem to be.

Many years later, The Witch Doctor had the responsibility of arranging post-graduate lectures in a broad range of subjects. She invited a clinical psychologist to talk on one of these occasions. As was normal, The Witch Doctor introduced the speaker and then took her place at the back of the audience.

The lecturer discussed some cases with the room of doctors. She gave a good lecture and the audience probably learned quite a lot from her.

She was also very young and her upbringing and education probably had been quite straightforward and protected (although you never really know since things are not always what the seem to be). What was remarkable to The Witch doctor was that she was clearly shocked by some of the relationship problems she described – just as The Teenage Witch had been many years before.

With the passage of time the young psychologist would no longer be shocked. The Witch Doctor was sure of that.

Things are not always what they seem to be.

A marriage, for example, is made of up of two unique people. The relationship is unique.

You’ll be wondering why I’m telling you this, especially when you know this already…….

Well, after many years of observing The Humankind, The Witch Doctor has no idea at all how to accurately measure compassion in any unique relationship.

No idea at all.

What can be measured, however, is the very subjective measurement of what an observer would like compassion to be from his/her own unique viewpoint.

But that can hardly be considered evidence…….

Today a precedent has been set.

The Creep will now accelerate.

There are groups in our society that will see to it that it does.

Indeed, already Sir Terry Pratchett has said he does not want to see “amateurs helping amateurs.” So, already “assisted suicide” is being envisaged as “assisted death” (at present legally defined as murder) making use of the medical profession who he seems to consider not to be amateurs in killing.

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  1. Compasison is very subjective, Dear Witch Doctor!! What is permissable for you and me , may be not be for someone else.

    Todays relevations – Dear Keir! – state that all is excusable in law. If I state positively that I assisted my partner to end his life at his request; all is good. The poor bastard will be dead and cannot argue otherwise.

    God! I hope my children love me! I do want to live for almost ever! Forgive me dear brats, if you feel I have ever abused you in any fashion!

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