Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 1, 2010

Revalidation, chemistry and contrary witches


The Witch Doctor has a confession to make that she will not reveal.


No, she won’t tell you what it is at present but she might do some day when she wants to give two fingers to the whole witless, expensive and meaningless system of Revalidation. This is what she’ll say with a crazy chuckle to anyone who dares to act as her Responsible Officer. “Pay attention! I’m testing you. Read everything I’ve written in my Revalidation Folder very, very carefully. If you are really conscientious, you’ll find things that should bother you. When you do, tell the GMC all about it and see what they make of it.”

“Get me struck off if you dare, you foolish creep!”

“See if I care!”

No. I’m not going to tell you about it just now.

Here is a different story instead.

It is dedicated to one of the contrary Witch Children who also has a secret.

Her secret is was that at university she sat (and passed) several chemistry exams without ever having learned The Periodic Table.

It is not that she didn’t approve of the periodic table.

Far from it.

She thought it was A Very Good Thing.

She read it.

She understood it.

She just refused to learn it.

She said The Periodic Table should be designated to The Chemistry Cook Book. It should be kept handy on a shelf.

Like an Aide Memoire.

Like The Book of Spells.

She said it was an abuse of the precious neurones that inhabited her brain. She said they should not be used to fashion synapses dedicated to blatant rote learning.

The Witch Doctor was amused because for exactly the same reason she refused to learn the Krebs Cycle many years before.

Cascading contrary witch genes maybe?

The Witch Doctor has just discovered a series of videos that delight her.

Maybe everybody except The Witch Doctor already knows about them.

Anyway, she will delight you too with one of them.


The perverse Witch Child will probably find them useful too.

Won’t she, My Black Cat?

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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  1. Dr No cannot help but note that two of the most able UK medical bloggers – the Witch Doctor here, and Rita here – are having Rhett Butler Moments.

    Bloggers in one sense are unusual – they hang their thoughts out on the blogosphere washing line for all to see. But in many other ways they share the thoughts of other, non-blogging doctors.

    Dr No makes no apology for cross-posting this comment. One Rhett Butler moment is happenstance, two are a coincidence, and three means…all doctors and all patients should sit up and take note.

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