Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 2, 2010

The Romance of Medicine


Dr No, has gone with the wind, My Black Cat.

He has gone all romantic on us!

We expected this, of course, since he chose the day of St Valentine last year to launch his blog!

In fact we thought of him as the St Valentine’s day blogger.

Then, having aroused our interest he disappeared.


Just like that!

We were broken-hearted.

Fickle blogger, we thought.

Then he returned in full fettle! Which is just as well, My Black Cat, since we guess he has much still to say.

Dr No really is a very romantic soul, My Black Cat. It seems he even regards the relationship between a doctor and his/her profession as akin to a love affair. Or even a marriage.

He might well be right about that.

He thinks, for many though, hearts will soon be broken.

When many a doctor says:

“I have had enough….”


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