Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 3, 2010

Common Purpose – they are not alone!


Well, My Black Cat, referring to our last two posts, I see that you were correct about the Terms and Conditions regarding the Common Purpose website. It is indeed necessary to obtain permission from Heather Reagan before placing a link to their site. And the link can only be to the Home Page.

This seems unusual.

The Witch Doctor has checked up on seven other sites (seven being The Witching Number). Six of these sites, as is usual procedure, gave disclaimers about the content of sites they themselves were linking to. That was all.


The seventh site, however, required that written permission be given before linking. Full details of the request should be e-mailed to Gavin Freeguard. And like the Common Purpose Website, permission, if granted will only be to link to the Home Page.

Now, My Black Cat, here is a riddle for you! Name this other website that restricts links unless permission has been granted.

I’ll give you seven guesses!

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  1. GMC

  2. My guess was different and I see that I was right first time. Two closely connected organisations which require permission to link to their sites.

    Why ever can that be? I hope your black cat has the answer.

  3. The King’s Fund?

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  6. The Media Standards Trust

    and the person you must email for permission to link there, also administers the Orwell Prize. Doubleplusgood.

  7. Top marks, Colacube.

    You have won the prize – a double whammy too with a bit more information to boot!


  8. Thank You, Witch Doctor.

    Is my prize as big as Gavin’s was?

  9. […] the prize is a pudding! Your imagination is running away with […]

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