Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 3, 2010

Common Purpose -Take it down!


Take what down, My Black Cat?

The video!

What video?

The YouTube video you put up on the last post.

Why should I take it down?

You are not allowed to link to anything concerning Common Purpose unless you ask their permission first!

You are talking rubbish, My Black Cat! YouTube provide you with a cut-and-paste embedding address for convenience, so this video is clearly intended to be used on other websites.  This is age of the Freedom of the World Wide Web! The WWW would not be the WWW without links!

It’s true! All The Back Cats are of the opinion that Common Purpose will only give you permission to link if you say something nice about them.


And even then, they will only let you link to their Home Page!

Where did you get this ridiculous notion, My Black Cat!

From their website. Part of their terms and conditions. But for pities sake don’t link to it. If you do, you’ll need to record this in the “probity” section of your appraisal/revalidation folder and confess the crime to your Responsible Witch Officer. You might be disciplined or even struck off by the GWC.

Contact Heather Reagan at Common Purpose instead. Her job is to decide whether you are nice enough to link there.

What if I’m not deemed nice enough to link to Common Purpose, My Black Cat?


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