Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 8, 2010

Common Purpose – Colacube wins!

We have a winner, My Back Cat. And it is not you!

Colacube has the answer and a bit extra information too…

Colacube, the prize is a pudding! Your imagination is running away with you!

The other website which requires written agreement before you can link to it is:


The MST is a sibling of Common Purpose.

Now think about that very carefully, My Black Cat.

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  1. So it wasn’t the Kings Fund and I haven’t won a pudding. Meh…

    • Never mind Julie, I will share!

      Witch Doctor, I know you have mentioned www. valueaddednews. org before. Did the top right of the homepage always look like it now does?

  2. I must watch this video now to learn humility after the pudding prize. Humility is an important quality.

  3. Arggh! That was vile!!

    Actually this is the secret video handed out to Common Purposers, once they’ve joined and been found worthy..

  4. Sorry, in case there’s any doubt, Julia Middleton was vile, not the pudding. Even although it’s a cyber pudding and made up of pixels..

  5. You two made all the old witches laugh during the witching hour last night!

    We needed a laugh because, if the restrictions in terms and conditions dictated by Common Purpose and The Media Standards Trust become established within the internet, then The Freedom of the WWW will be curtailed for bloggers and everyone else. After all, what kind of establishment will give permission to another site to say something critical?

    Colacube, I think the site you mentioned has been changed/upgraded but can’t be sure. One way or another, your link shows the considerable influence The Media Standards Trust has accrued for itself in a very short time.

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