Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 22, 2010

Dr Crippen begat The Witch Doctor


Dr Crippen does not know who The Witch Doctor is.

The Witch Doctor does not know who Dr Crippen is.

Being a very clever witch, though, she probably could work it out because medicine is a very small world and Dr Crippen gave away many clues in his blog.

She could, for example, form a posse of witches and we could all take off on a broomstick trip during the witching hour to follow a river far south of London. We would look for molehills. When we found a range of these mini mountains we would know we were in the vicinity of Dr C’s garden. Just think how he would feel if he woke up in the morning to find a witch sitting on top of each molehill guarding the mole underneath with her broomstick.

It would freak him out!

We won’t do that to you Dr C. We will stay in the shadows and never make any attempt to find out your identity.

However, The Witch Doctor feels the time has come to reveal to the blogosphere how, one day some years ago, Dr John Crippen flew like a butterfly and landed on to her desk one day while she was eating her lunch.

The Butterfly Effect is very, very powerful.

And yet no-one knows how, where or when The Butterfly will land and where it will go. Many do not even notice The Butterfly at all.

But The Butterfly Effect should never be ignored.

That day, The Butterfly took the form of a newspaper clipping brought to The Witch Doctor (before she was The Witch Doctor) by one of her colleagues. The newspaper was one of the free ones doctors used to receive before they were put on line. Anyway, those of us, far away from the river that ran far south of London, were tickled by the logic, wisdom and prose of this writer who was also a GP. His witty observations struck a raw nerve with all of us as we passed the article around. In our corner of the world we also were observing many of the ridiculous antics within the NHS that he was writing about so succinctly.

And so we all began reading regularly what Dr C had to say.


He took us to The Blogosphere.

What the devil was The Blogosphere?

Way back then, none of us had a clue what a blog was. Blogging was surely something that daft adolescents did. Why then was this middle-aged GP blogging?

So then we all clicked into his blog to try to find what was behind this odd activity and we realised that he was ahead of his time. We knew then that blogging would, in time, become mainstream.

We thought that even although it might not change the world, blogging at least had the potential to keep our lords and masters and many others on their toes.

That was The Witch Doctor’s first encounter with Dr John Crippen.

Then, one day, another butterfly appeared in her room.

This Butterfly was an unemployed junior doctor who asked if he could work with her for a while, unpaid, so that he could keep in touch with the specialty.

This was a good doctor. The Witch Doctor wondered why he did not have a job. She asked him.

What he said made The Witch Doctor’s eyes become wider and wider in disbelief.

It was then she heard about an even bigger crisis looming.

It was then she heard about MMC/MTAS.

Now, there was a time some years before, that The Witch Doctor would have known exactly what was going on regarding post-graduate medical training because she sat on several local committees relevant to this. However, in one foul swoop she culled her input into all of these because she felt they were becoming crazy talking shops and there were plenty other things for her to do. There is no doubt if MTAS had been discussed at any of the meetings The Witch Doctor had attended, she would have announced to the committee concerned that it was all a load of tosh and she would have put her indignation in writing too.

But likely, she would have been ignored and branded as an eccentric!

The Witch Doctor – eccentric!!?!

Anyway, The Witch Doctor is a bit ashamed that she didn’t know what was going on at the time, and so she missed the boat when the time was right to jump up and down about it!

However, Dr Crippen soon caught on to what was happening and his blog became extremely active regarding the injustice of MMC/MTAS.

It was then The Witch Doctor was born. She did not have her own blog then but she occasionally used to make some strange comments among all the hundreds of others on Dr Crippen’s posts regarding junior doctors training.

She then heard a far away esteemed professor quoting on television something she had said on one of her Crippen comments. This professor had been in her year as a medical student and he would have been amused to know that his classmate was in fact a hot and bothered witch scrambling around the blogosphere.

As The Witch Doctor read more and more about MMC/MTAS she began to realise that this was but a tiny aspect of something much, much bigger.

At that point she knew she would need to have her own blog.

So, thank you, Dr John Crippen, you were The Butterfly who in a moment changed the way The Witch Doctor spends much of her free time. You are the reason why the Spell Pantry is always in a tip and My Black Cat sometimes does not get fed! You are responsible for The Witch Doctor questioning much of what is going on this country and indeed the world today. Until The Butterfly landed, she was obliviously just getting on with the life she knew. You are responsible for making her ever watchful, casting her eyes everywhere looking for Intertwinglements because they are often the only solid indicators of Creep.

Now Dr Crippen, you have decided your work is done.

I wonder…….

I really do wonder…….

My Black Cat thinks after a pause you will be back but no one will ever know.

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  1. My guess is that he’s going into politics proper and is running as a candidate. Part of the deal will be giving up his blog – but will he appear somewhere else? Who knows?


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