Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 24, 2010

Are there crocodiles in Think Tanks?



In Think Tanks?

Or alligators?

I don’t know, My Black Cat. Never thought about it before.

You are still thinking over what Patsy said in her spoof Dispatches interview, “Politicians for Hire.”

She outlined five ways that she could help facilitate her clients to meet a minister. She seemed to prefer the rather blatant “Hospitality” approach but thought it might be a non-starter because “Gordon” did not approve.


“-You know when I was Business Secretary I would cheerfully accept hospitality invitations, for instance because it was just a really useful way of getting to know business leaders rather better. Gordon is pretty against all of that…..”

She says in the current political climate this might be rather difficult so go to suggestion number 2……

It’s the next one that interests you, isn’t it My Black Cat?


“-Now the Think Tank and the seminar route I think is a very good one and will remain a good one and so identifying the right think tank. Policy Exchange is a good one at the moment. Demos is another good one. And saying OK. does that think tank already have a relationship with Minister X. Can we invite Minister X to give a seminar on this subject. Your client would then sponsor the seminar and you do it via the think tank. And that is very useful, because what you get for your sponsorship is basically you sit next to the Minister.”

She has highlighted two Think Tanks – one generally considered on the Right and the other on the Left of politics. Is she is keeping her options open depending on who wins the election?

You don’t think it matters much, My Black Cat?

You think The Rainbow of  the Politics of The Third Way is round and she is illustrating this beautifully in her spoof interview where a supposed left leaning politician can woo large private companies for their own gain without a blush.

I don’t suppose anyone has a clue what you are talking about, My Black Cat!

Do you suppose anyone has picked up yet on The Intertwinglement surrounding Demos?

Or will we need to tell them?

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  1. Please tell us – we’re thick and too lazy to click..;)

  2. Well, Patsy has always been flexible ideology- and loyalty-wise. Remember this:

  3. Ooh put us out of our suspense Witch Doctor.
    Patsy & Demos founder Geoff Mulgan did used to meet at Westminster fortnightly in a group set up by Peter Mandelson to advise Blair from 1995 on, no MPs in it (except Mandy), which upset some people when it became known (see The Guardian p1, 15 July 1995). Don’t think that’s what you meant though.

  4. Are you referring to the fact that Julia Middleton used to be a member of Demos?
    Or is there some other intertwinglement (love that word!) that I’m missing?

  5. D’oh. Of course you’d already told us about Patsy speaking on a Common Purpose course, . /Hangs human head in shame.

  6. Sorry. Getting CP & Demos mixed up. Back when Geoff was driving the Red Wedge van, did he used to stop at Patsy’s for bacon butties? No that’s not it. I’m doing worse than the sorcerer’s apprentice.

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  8. […] Are there crocodiles in Think Tanks? […]

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