Posted by: Witch Doctor | April 6, 2010

Disgusting, sick, games


As a follow up from this and this, now read THIS:

“Schoolchildren suffered panic attacks and were left crying after a role-play event in which one of their teachers was “shot dead” in the playground.

The children, aged 10 to 13, were traumatised by the stunt, which was part of a science lesson, and were not told that it was a stunt for ten minutes.

The exercise at Blackminster Middle School in Evesham, Worcestershire, began when pupils heard that there was a gun in the school. Five minutes later the alarm bell sounded and more than 300 were sent outside and saw three teachers running across the field.”

What the devil is going on in UK schools and who or what is behind it?

And what are parents going to do about it?

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  1. Eureka Witch Doctor! I thought I might not be able to comment ever again! My password was denied and this is the second new password that has finally enabled me to broadcast my ignorance!

    With regards to your previous post – am I devoloping paranoia in assuming that C r a P was alluding to Commmon Purpose? If so, please give me directions to where I should look as I have researched and researched and nil was found. But perhaps I am searching in the wrong place!

    That said and indeed if I am totally wrong – I half remember a quote about the uneducated masses being so pliable by the goverment in power. Yet again, I cannot find that either. I think I shall shoot myself!

    Children are so malleable and open to suggestion. They need boundaries to live by. They need to learn what is acceptable in the society in which they live. If this is denied them – thay will either become ‘evil’ or puppets on a string. In either case, they become easy to manipulate. They fall outside the norm.

    Children today have too much power. They are directionless; they do not understand right from wrong. They leave school uneducated. Morality is in decline.

    I realise this is a gross generalisation and those of us who who care about our future, realise it is the hands of the next generation. We give our children guidance but have no power to direct the morality or education in the school place.

    The meek shall inherit the earth? I do not think so! Our children will become either the ignorant of or the (enlightened in the Common Purpose).

  2. Glad to have you back, iwanttoliveforever.

    My Black Cat assures me she has found some kind of Intertwinglement but she won’t tell me what it is! Her Intertwinglements are like a bundle of tangled bits of wool – unraveling them can take hours.

    She says you need to look for those who seem to approve of CraP and regard them as one of the ends of the wool. She says sooner or later you will find some kind of Intertwinglement.

    She gives a clue – You will find a couple of folk who are buddies…….

  3. It’s all for our own good you know : see this story from the Manchester Evenign News, Nursery Bans Tot’s Cheese Sandwich:

  4. Yet another sick game, Jan 2011, Primary head ‘sorry’ for war re-enactment:
    I’ve got to the stage where I am going to ask my youngest’s headteacher if they have any such “exercises” planned. These spiffing ideas don’t just come from nowhere, do they?

    • Followed your link Colacube. What is even more worrying is the number of comments coming from people who thought this was OK. They are probably unaware of the other incidents though that suggest role playing like this is been advocated by someone somewhere.

      Children role play all the time but they should be the ones in charge of it, hence their own scary games are not scary at all. I think it’s a form of child abuse to emotionally scare children like this. Similarly I don’t think they should be going into schools telling them to celebrate death. Parents may be ill, grandparents may just have died. These teachers and other “do-gooders” with their own agendas want to get a grip.

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