Posted by: Witch Doctor | May 3, 2010

Please Dave, go to bed!


The Witch Doctor knows first hand what lack of sleep does to you.

As a doctor of a certain age, many times over the years she has seen day become night and night become day. From Friday mornings to Monday evenings her head barely touched a pillow.

Sleep deprivation makes you ill. The Witch Doctor has, in desperation, climbed into one of the beds in a Nightingale Ward (before they ran along at 110% bed occupancy) to grab half an hours sleep. She has fallen asleep on the floor, she has fallen asleep in the bath, she has fallen asleep at traffic lights, she has fallen asleep in cinemas, theatres and restaurants. She has ached all over with the kind of ache that only exhaustion can induce. She has watched many sunrises from hospital windows with a sick, sick feeling deep in her stomach that she would surely die if she didn’t get to bed. She has talked gibberish due to lack of sleep. She has yawned so much she has dislocated her jaw. This was one of the better moments because they induced a wonderful sleep using a general anaesthetic to put it back in place.

The G.A. was not necessary. The Witch doctor was asleep before the anaesthetic reached her brain.

The experience of total exhaustion due to lack of sleep is one of the bonds that binds all doctors of a certain age.

Heaven knows what it did to their clinical judgement.

Since then The Witch Doctor has observed that brain injured patients after coming out of coma seem to require about 15 hours or more sleep per day for many weeks. She thinks maybe the mending brain requires this.

Sleep is a good thing.

Lack of sleep is bad.

The Witch Doctor therefore does not approve of your idea of working all through the night in order to prove you can. You and the other two have been working far too hard recently. You must be exhausted, but you dare not admit that of course. Then there will be election night. You’ll get no sleep then.

Sleep is more important than election results.

Believe me.

Anyway, we witches don’t want politicians milling around during The Witching Hour.

Is nothing sacred?

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  1. I see the little lamb intends to burn the midnight oil for some time yet. He is far too nice to be a politician. I hope Rita Pal has sent some Thorntons. Stressful time for Dear David – he needs those chocs! You’re a choc lover too Dear Witch Doctor, perhaps you might send him some too?

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