Posted by: Witch Doctor | May 3, 2010

The Intertwingled triplets – a preamble to the second triplet.


When we witches vote, we vote out Hubris and vote in Freedom (although the definition of freedom can be very difficult nowadays).

Nevertheless, although we vote, we witches are also politically naïve.

Take politicians.

While accepting the importance of seeking out the help of unbiased experts in certain important specialised matters, The Witch Doctor was always under the impression that the brains of politicians had the capability of independent thought.

She was surprised therefore to discover that the brains politicians utilise seem to be those of others, rather than their own. She was even more surprised to discover that these brains reside in tanks.

Think Tanks.

The Witch Doctor is so politically naïve that she is not sure whether these politicians are affiliated to a particular Think Tank or two or three, and whether they are automatons doing what the brains in these tanks tell them to do, or whether they seek out the tanks which contain congenial brains likely to think the way they (the politicians) would do if they had time to think for themselves.

Incidentally, The Witch Doctor is now of the opinion that politicians no longer have any thinking time and she does not entirely blame them for this – they are so busy being spun like a top getting their make-up on, being airbrushed, learning their lines, choosing whether or not to wear a tie, deciding whether or not wives are a secret weapon, and indulging in many, many other trivia in order that they can service the demands of this Voyeuristic Era that The Humankind has constructed for itself.

So, Think Tanks have an important role to play, I suppose, for these politicians who are bereft of thinking time.

My Black Cat is particularly interested in one particular Think Tank.

It is called Demos.

She is interested in Demos because it contains Intertwingles that delight her!

More soon……

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