Posted by: Witch Doctor | May 4, 2010

Gordon – Rave reviews

Yesterday there was a massive pre-election turnout in London. It is said Gordon Brown made his most resounding election speech there.

But it seems initially he was not going to attend.

The other two were there. But Gordon Brown was a question mark!

Even The Wall Street Journal has something to say about it today.

“The three party leaders spoke at an event in London today, and Gordon Brown’s contribution is attracting rave reviews. He got a standing ovation before he spoke to a rally of something called Citizens UK.

It must be quite a powerful organisation that can summon all three party leaders three days before a general election. Who would want to be the politician snubbing something with such a worthy sounding moniker? Gordon Brown initially wasn’t keen on going. David Cameron was keen as mustard, presumably calculating that it sounded like an event that fitted with his Big Society pitch.

But what on earth is it? Are a great many UK Citizens actually members of Citizens UK? Do you know anyone who had heard of it before today?”

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  1. Mmmmm! Very interesting! Looked for links with my dear friends at Common Purpose – but nil found as yet! Has your black cat had any success? Perhaps it is a (cloaked) sub-section of Common Purpose whose aim is to serve (and control?) those who are perceived to dwell in the lower echelons of society?

    It (the speech) was pretty damn good nevertheless. I hope the audience were listening.
    Gordo actually admitted that the minumum wage was not a living wage. He proposed to re-open Post Office’s as the “People’s Bank” which I thought they were anyway until his Government permitted mass closure. Comparisons here with the NHS and Foundation Trusts?

    Do you know Witch Doctor that until I started reading your blog – I never looked for ‘Reds under the Bed’ Now I find the buggers everywhere!

  2. Here’s a link;

    A quick look suggests that your twitching witching nose was right; v much in the same vein as Common Purpose. Didn’t have time to find out who’s behind it, but will have a look later.

  3. Gabbyjulie

    Link perhaps was an ill-chosen word in computer land. Connection would have been more appropriate. Like you, I intend to don my detectives clothing and search for clues when I have more time.

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