Posted by: Witch Doctor | May 8, 2010

Polling Booths, Bedpans and Yo-Yos


The Witch Doctor always watches the results of elections as they pour into the TV studios during the night. She has done this since she was a child. She finds it quite exciting even though she has no political allegiance herself.

However while watching this election, something quirky happened to her brain. The election somehow reminded her of bedpans, commodes, and patients who seemed to be incontinent but were not.

It reminded her too of a kind of Yo-Yo style management that she has often witnessed in the NHS.

She thinks this odd correlation that took over her mind was the consequence of reading too much of Nurse Anne’s blog and thinking too much about the Mid-Staffordshire and St Elsewhere fiasco.

For the first time she can remember, people in the UK formed a queue in the rain and then didn’t get into the hall in time to vote. Other polling stations ran out of paperwork.

This is ridiculous.

She thinks it is all to do with trying so hard to save money locally that simple common sense arithmetic is ignored. Money spent nationally on The Extravagent Election Razzamatazz seems to be OK though.

Voters do not need An Extravagent Election Razzamatazz. It may be a source of amusement for them. This entertainment IS NOT NECESSARY.

Voters are not stupid.

Even the ones who choose not to vote are not stupid. There may be a reason for this.

The organisers of any local polling station will know the local demography. In those constituencies where most women go out to work then almost all voters will come in the evening. They should have known the places where more evening staff would be required. They should have known that all parties were using the media as never before in a desperate attempt bring indifferent voters out of the closet and should have taken a possible increase in turnout into account.

But no, common sense and basic arithmetic eluded our leaders in the community and some polling booths became third world.

As a consequence, some members of the public were not allowed to vote.

Just like third world wards where frail patients cannot get a bedpan and so seem to be incontenent.

Same reason – save money at any cost, don’t do the common sense arithmetic relating the number of patients requiring heavy nursing in a ward to the nurses available.

Third world.

Same thing.

Leadership courses will not solve this yo-yo mentality.

Common sense will.

Won’t it, My Black Cat?

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