Posted by: Witch Doctor | May 9, 2010

The Purple Revolution – Part 2


Liam Fox was quoted on television several times yesterday saying that in all his pre-election encounters with voters, he did not come across anyone who said they wanted electoral reform. Today Michael Heseltine said much the same thing. However, there have been polls reporting that most Britons would like to see a change in their country’s voting system to give all parties fairer representation.

These two views are not incompatible. The first may indicate that PR and other changes in the voting system may not be a priority to voters, but if it is put to them they will answer the question.

About a thousand protesters met in the streets outside the building in Westminster where Nick Clegg and other senior members of the Liberal Democrat Party were meeting to discuss the possibility of linking with the Tories to help get out the stalemate of a UK hung parliament.

Taking into account the views of the people she knows, The Witch Doctor thought Liam Fox’s statement was likely to be correct and the protesters did not reflect the priorities of the population at large who were more concerned about the looming economic crisis in Europe and how it may destabilise not only Greece but other countries and how this would affect their everyday lives in a practical way.

What organisations were behind this demonstration which was described as The Purple Revolution?

The Witch Doctor asked My Black Cat to look into the source of this demonstration and whether there was any relationship with our collection of Intertwinglements.

The first Intertwinglement My Black Cat found was with one of the people involved in the founding of Demos, The Second Triplet.

Martin Jacques was a member of the Communist Party of Great Britian and editor of Marxism Today. When both of these were wound up, a-post communist organisation known as The Democratic Left emerged.

Wiki’s description:

“Democratic Left was a post-communist political organisation in the United Kingdom during the 1990s, growing out of the Eurocommunist strand within the Communist Party of Great Britain and its magazine Marxism Today. It was established in 1991 when the CPGB decided to reform itself into a left-leaning political multi-issue grassroots campaign group/think-tank based on the party’s Manifesto for New Times.The first chairperson was Nina Temple, the last General secretary of the CPGB.”

The web archive for The Democratic Left is still available.

“Democratic Left was set up in 1992. It was founded by a 2:1 majority decision of delegates to the last Congress of the Communist Party of Great Britain held in November 1991.

The foundation of Democratic Left sought to take forward the radical tradition of open strategic debate and building alliances to achieve progressive change. This approach was influenced by the writings of Antonio Gramsci, and was developed in the eighties in the CP’s eclectic journal ‘Marxism Today’. Democratic Left also sought to develop a modern expression of the CP’s tradition of grass roots campaigning reaching back to the Hunger Marches and the popular front against fascism.

Whilst there were elements of continuation, the foundation of Democratic Left represented a recognition that the Communist Party had failed and could not be a useful agency for political change. The decision was taken following two years of intensive discussion on the need to transform the culture of the Communist Party, discussion which followed years’ of inner Party battles between so-called Euro-communists and hardliners………..”

More information on The Democratic Left can be downloaded.


In 1998, The Democratic Left in England and Wales was dissolved and renamed The New Times Network. This was renamed The New Politics Network in 1999.

In 2007, The New Politics Network merged with Charter 88 to form Unlock Democracy.

Unlock Democracy was a major player in Saturdays demonstration as was Power 2010.

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