Posted by: Witch Doctor | May 11, 2010

BREAKING NEWS – Ties on!!!

They say bags of belongings are being taken out to cars at the back of Downing Street.

They say some politicians are looking glum and others are all smiles.

UPDATE: They say Gordon Brown is all smiles and joking with his staff.

And they say politicians are putting their ties on.

That’s good.

We can read politicians much better when they have their ties on. This means tonight there will be a proclamation on a serious matter. Ties are always worn at these times, in spite of modernisation.

Are they not, My Black Cat?

We think minds have been made up, My Black Cat.

We think a Con / Lib pact is imminent.

We could be wrong, of course.

But, with the help of The Book of Spells we witches seldom are.

Incidentally, a few Purple People are still wandering about in the background.

But they are not saying much now.

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  1. Wednesday, 24.30H Listening to Dave and Nick on the tv while comping away here. Nick has just used the term ‘Common Purpose’ twice. Worrying?

  2. If you listen to all of this including the questions and answers you’ll hear the term five times. Three times by Clegg and twice by Cameron.

    They are not the only politicians to sprinkle their speech with this terminology.

    Gordon Brown used it a lot.

    It could just be a fashionable term used by the political class. Remember how the word “talents” used to appear in speeches time and time again.

    Black Cats think it is a secret sign.

    It is probably just some witch having fun with a Blue Bottle Spell.

    • Thank you Dear Witch Doctor for your response. I will investigate this further ‘in the morning.’ I can understand Nick uttering the dreaded words as he is EU positive – but cuddly Dave (?), despite being a upper class twit – I love the guy!

      BTB as you obviously realise, my timing was dead off! Drawbacks of nightshift!

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