Posted by: Witch Doctor | May 11, 2010

Democracy and purple kingmakers


Gordon Brown has resigned after a fashion.

Peter Mandelson is heading the Lab/Lib negotiating team.

Brown’s statement came soon after a meeting with Mandelson and Campbell. Did his Blairite “colleagues” in New Labour put him under pressure to resign?

Or did it result from his personal, and maybe even altruistic decision that it would open the doors for a Lib/Lab alliance? If this is the case, it begs the question whether the Liberal Democrats indicated during their negotiations that they would find Brown difficult to work with. After all, at the weekend, Paddy Ashdown, who is said to be Clegg’s close mentor, indicated to the population at large that Brown was not a “collegiate” leader.

If the latter is the case, then it seems logical to ask the Liberal Democrats to approve of the next leader of New Labour?

How crazy is that?

And how crazy is this. In a “democracy” a minority party is being allowed to fire the shots to the extent that the manifestos of the major parties have to be altered before a government is in place at a time when UK, Europe and the world could easily go into financial meltdown.

Electoral reform may or may not be the right road to follow in the long term. THIS IS NOT THE TIME. Furthermore, it was not considered a priority by vast numbers of voters.

To raise the issue and rush through electoral reform at a time of serious financial crisis is manipulation of the worse kind driven by a small group of Purple People who are trying recruit and to impose their concept of “democracy” on to an electorate who have not yet educated themselves about the meaning of “Purple Democracy” or a “Purple Revolution”

My Black Cat will probably right now be exploring Intertwinglements between some members of the Liberal Democrats and the Purple People!

But The Witch Doctor will not be bothered looking into it.

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