Posted by: Witch Doctor | June 8, 2010

Hello, Mr WordPress, are you out there?

Mr WordPress, you do know that you have managed to put a red rectangle round all The Witch Doctor’s images on a Mac? Heaven knows what they look like on a PC.

The iPhone images are OK though.

What are you playing at?

My Black Cat and all the witches don’t like it!

It looks tacky!

Are you going to remove them or will The Witch Doctor need to resort to one of The Nastiest of Spells?


  1. they look like a red triangle on a PC too!

  2. Red rectangles on a Blackberry too.

  3. I found this advice:

    The red border is there because you are linking to a larger version of the picture. In the Post Editor, click the image, go to Advanced Settings, and set the Border as “0” (zero). That should do it.

  4. Dr G, all the witches and black cats are impressed at the speed you managed to diagnose and prescribe therapy for this problem!

    It works.!

    Until earlier today, the zero border setting seemed to be the default one and for some reason this has changed. I’ve never bothered with the advanced settings.

    It looks as though I might have to do each image individually!

    Thank you Arm Chair Daddy too for your help!

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