Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 5, 2010

Woo-woo is upsetting My Black Cat!


What is troubling you, My Black Cat?

They say that the active ingredient in homeopathic remedies is A Memory.

The little pills are made of sugar and water.

And A Memory…….

What kind of Memory, My Black Cat?

The Memory of what used to be in the water before it disappeared because it was diluted and shaken up so much.

What kind of things do homeopaths put in the water before it is diluted out of existence? Some of the things we grow in our Tussie Mussie Garden I suppose?

Things like aconite…..

Ah, monkshood, My Black Cat.

We have some very beautiful and very poisonous aconites growing in our Tussie Mussie Garden, don’t we My Black Cat? We have some very interesting shades of aconite this year that even managed to survive the snow. We only use aconite for the most powerful of spells.

We witches know the dangers of Aconitum.

It is just as well the homeopaths dilute the aconite out till there is nothing there and so there is no danger, isn’t it?

Tell me My Black Cat………

If homeopathic remedies only contain a memory of what was in them, would an analytical chemist be able to tell one remedy from another?


Only if he read the label on the bottle.

My Black Cat, why do you suppose the government of this country is wasting tax-payers money discussing little pills with nothing in them?

If there is nothing in them it means they are not a medicine.

They would better discussing smarties and fruit gums and jelly-babies.

They are much more interesting.

Do you suppose jelly-babies have A Memory embedded in them too, My Black Cat?

And if so, does that mean jelly babies should be regarded as a medicine and sold in pharmacies and prescribed by doctors?


Incidentally, My Black Cat, there was a bit of drama a few months ago that The witch Doctor strongly disapproved of…….

Do you remember?

Some people who thought homeopathic medicines were a bit daft decided to try to overdose themselves with some concoctions of Pills-with-a-Memory to draw attention to the daftness.

This in itself was very, very daft.

Did these people not know the public at large do not know the difference between a homeopathic and a herbal remedy?

They think they are the same thing.

A copy – cat group could have overdosed themselves with a herbal remedy in error.

We witches and black cats know the dangers of that.

Can The Human Kind not think before they act!!!



(The volcano seems to be having a break at the moment so here are some excellent photographs of Iceland, the land of waterfalls, by photographer Bruce Percy)
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