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Dr Shirine Boardman : Search the plums!

witchround Dr Shirine Boardman and the GMC were in the news last week. Dr Grumble was the first to draw attention to the GMC’s findings last weekend.


During last week the local papers reported on it:


However this should not be the end of the matter. Far from it. There is a name that has cropped up on two occasions concerning the suspension of another doctor some years ago as well as in the sacking of Dr Shirine Boardman. The name of the person involved in attempting to end the career of these two doctors can be found among the plums.



It should be remembered that Dr Boardman was not any old Josephine Bloggs of a doctor. She had a high profile and was well known and well respected. Royalty had met with her and approved of her initiative in taking diabetic care of the Asian population out into the community. Her patients loved her and many indicated that she felt she was treated badly. Members of Parliament approved of what she was doing. So did members of the House of Lords.


Indeed it appears that Peter Bottomley, MP for Worthing West, raised the issue in The House of Commons prior to the GMC hearing. He refers initially to identifying how many NHS consultants have been dismissed on grounds of breaking data protection rules.


“Instead of just processing constituents’ problems, we actually need to care about them. If the answers we get are inadequate, we need to be persistent. One of the nicest tributes ever paid to me came from John Sentamu, the current Archbishop of York, who described me in terms of “veni, vidi, velcro”-he comes, he sees and he sticks to it. One thing I am going to stick to-let me send out a warning, or rather an invitation to Ministers to co-operate-is seeing how many NHS consultants have been dismissed on grounds of breaking data protection rules.”

Although he doesn’t name the doctor, he then refers to the fact that in May of this year the GMC had still not got round to looking into the case of Dr Shirine Boardman.

“I heard about a case from a doctor in my constituency whom I enormously respect, although it is about someone who is not in my constituency. I think that it was the right hon. Member for Leicester East (Keith Vaz) who spoke about diabetes and the special needs of people with south Asian backgrounds. The consultant I am talking about knew that diabetes could be treated not only in hospital, but by educating people and helping them to change their lifestyles. She decided to get a project going under the primary care trust-part of the NHS and where confidentiality is supposed to be involved-and invited 80 such patients to participate. She sent out a list of names and addresses from herself in hospital to herself as part of the PCT-funded project, which had been approved by everybody, and she got sacked. It is difficult to understand quite why. The hospital trust that sacked her referred her to the Information Commissioner’s Office, as if she had committed a criminal offence, and to the General Medical Council, which has still not got around to deciding whether there is a case to look into.”

That’s right – she was sacked because she sent a letter to herself!!!! You couldn’t make it up! Peter Bottomley then states he would like to arrange a meeting with all those concerned.

“I want to arrange a meeting with the people who run the employment tribunal, which found that she may have been wrongfully dismissed but not unfairly dismissed. They should be put in the same room with employment tribunal experts, the Information Commissioner’s experts, the General Medical Council’s experts, the hospital trust and preferably someone from the very top of the NHS as well as a Minister. Let us get it out into the open why a doctor who cares so much about her patients that she is willing to go the extra mile should get thrown on the scrap heap for doing something that someone else did not like. I have been invited to the Biobank. I shall be attending for a three-hour session at Croydon. It wrote to me asking whether I would like to take part. I do not see the difference between that and someone being asked to come to a specialist education clinic for diabetes. I am going to be persistent on this issue. Until we get some kind of explanation and some kind of justice, I and others will be right to continue to do so.”

The Witch Doctor wonders if such a meeting ever took place and if so where are the minutes.

She also wonders whether there will indeed be some kind of justice.

Because, the next consultant to be fired and face the GMC as a consequence of box-ticking-control-freaks might not have such a high profile, might not have the approval of Royalty, might not have the approval of members of the House of Lords, or of patients, or of MPs. His/her dismissal may be a quiet affair and may not be raised in the House of Commons. The blogosphere may not be aware of the injustice.

The Witch Doctor is unaware how much the widespread support for this doctor was taken into account by the GMC.

She hopes that the GMC’s decision would have been the same for Dr Josephine Bloggs.

In the absence of such support Dr Josephine Bloggs, if a victim of tick-box-control-freaks, might just accept his/her career is ended and may go into a deep state of melancholy.

And the control freaks will remain intact in society to move onwards and upwards.

Incidentally, My Black Cat, how can a patient be “wrongly dismissed but not unfairly dismissed?”

Only The Humankind could dream up this garbage!!!!



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