Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 24, 2010

It is very odd, My Black Cat….


My Black Cat has been surfing the blogosphere and is scratching her head.

She is perplexed.

This is because witches and black cats have a very straightforward way of looking at things.

In the UK, if someone dies, they do it in one of three ways:

1. Naturally, as a consequence of some illness or accident.
2. Suicide.
3. Murder.

1. There may be intervention in an illness or accident in order to decrease the risk of death and that intervention may or may not succeed. Sometimes intervention or medication may hasten death but that is not the intent. Sometimes the condition of the patient is so poor, the prognosis so bleak, the risk is so great, and the potential suffering so formidable that the administration of some types of intervention /medication would be bad medical practice and nature is allowed to take it’s course.

I suppose, My Black Cat this is what The Liverpool Care Pathway is about, assuming that food and drink is regarded as an intervention, and assuming many other complicated things that are not appropriate for tick box medicine.

Although masterly inactivity, if practiced humanely, is good medical practice, there is the potential for Creep.

Big Creep.

2. Suicide is not a crime, but assisting someone to commit suicide is a crime. It is illegal. All doctors, except for a few oddities with a mindset at variance with the rest of their profession, would expect to be struck off if they assisted suicide and would expect to be reported to the police.

3. Murder is a crime. Euthanasia in the UK is murder.

My Black Cat, do you suppose we are seeing Creep?

And if that is so, do you suppose that the Change caused by Creep is naturally taking place in society?

Or do you suppose The Change is being imposed on society by groups of people who believe themselves to be Agents of Change and are committed to impose a specified effect on society?

Incidentally, The Witch Doctor is not an expert on The Liverpool Care Pathway but she cannot say she has not been involved. An elderly relative was deprived of fluids and nutrition presumably because the Liverpool Care Pathway was “prescribed.” Fortunately, since this relative carried a witching gene she foxed everyone by sitting up in bed a couple of days later demanding tea and toast! She then lived for many years until she received her telegram from H M The Queen on her 100th birthday.

I kid you not. This is a true story!

The clinician concerned was well meaning but was not experienced enough in the management of the elderly. It was not his specialty.

On the other hand this doctor at the top this link, who is Emeritus Professor of Geriatrics has a lifetime of experience in the management of the elderly.

Indeed he might consider himself to be elderly himself.

The Witch Doctor met him once.

He won’t remember her.

He didn’t know she was a witch.

But she remembers him.

Witches forget nothing.




And, of course, My Black Cat, if you look closely through the links above you will find, as we usually do, a name who Intertwingles with Common Purpose.

But I’ll bet you none of The Humankind have the wit to notice The Intertwinglement.

Eh, My Black Cat?



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  1. Could it be Professor Sir Cyril Chantler, King’s Fund, who spoke at a Common Purpose event for young people in July: . He’s quoted in the BBC link you posted above, as the chair of a GMC life and death guidelines committee Peter Millard objected to. Sir Cyril said there was nothing to worry about and lots of people had been asked for their opinion so I expect I’m wrong and there’s nothing to worry about…

  2. I am pleased – and sure my colleagues will be when they know – that the great Witch Doctor is casting her eyes over the Liverpool Care Pathway!
    For creep is definitely creeping – big style!

    Plugging the old folk up to the syringe driver is now acceptable! No reason to wait for end stage dementia – end life now! Dementia is not even required as a reason!

    You might be interested in reading a post I wrote
    on the LCP earlier this month?

    I am still scouring NHS sites to find something I do not want to find, that is that the LCP is at times used as a cost cutting exercise. I have found one site referring to this (in a way) – but don’t think I can use it!

    Perhaps good Witch Doctor, with your excellent research skills and spell casting, you might find what I am looking for?

    Anna G.

  3. Colacube,

    Correct again. You always seem to be able to hit the nail in the head doubtless due to witching gene that you carry.

    Intertwinglements pop up in the most unexpected places and My Black Cat has suggested we will need to open a new blog called “Intertwinglements” so we can help untangle them properly.

    Maybe she has a a point!

  4. Hypercritical,

    MBC and I are certainly casting our eyes over the LPC and so is the Oldest Sage Witch’s Highland Granny as she enters her dotage!

    I noticed that Prof Millard was quoted in The Mail as saying:

    ” We’re not discussing how we care for old people, we’re just discussing how we pay for them.”

    I don’t suppose any NHS site will enter the cost cutting arena regarding the LCP – at least not until the general public are sufficiently swayed into believing this is a good thing.

    Creep is inevitable with something like the LCP and those designing it should have thought well about this before it was formally rolled out of the hospice situation.

  5. so on the subject of death . if a child of 22 months dies of sudep is that murder by medication of multi anti convulsants

  6. magna carta 1215 (40) never harm or cause loss.

  7. please answer soon as i am a freeman dead and lost at sea.

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